English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Melt" in Example Sentences
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415449	The ice melted.	FeuDRenais	1
318314	The ice has melted.	CK	1
318313	The ice is melting.	CK	1
275079	The sun melted the snow.	CK	1
2270474	Don't let your ice cream melt.	CK	1
318316	When ice melts, it becomes water.	CK	1
324971	The next morning, the snowman had completely melted.	CK	1
272598	The snow is melted.	CK
838700	The snow has melted.	Scott
318330	Ice melts in the sun.	CM
2545850	The icecaps are melting.	CK
272599	The snow has melted away.	CK
1686445	The snow is melting away.	Amastan
318339	If you heat ice, it melts.	CK
2169941	Actinium melts at 1,051°C.	alexmarcelo
1628178	The ice sheets are melting.	Spamster
1196592	The snow has begun melting.	nadsat
1256170	The snow melted in the sun.	stb
270906	The ice in the water melted.	CK
2950111	The snow has finally melted.	CK
287702	She melted at his kind words.	CK
318329	The ice has melted in the sun.	CK
272591	The snow melted away in a day.	CK
681457	These ice cubes will melt soon.	Source_VOA
318315	When ice melts, it becomes liquid.	CK
3154868	Eat your ice cream before it melts.	CK
33403	Pour melted butter over the popcorn.	CK
681455	The sun came out and the ice melted.	Source_VOA
34217	A plastic dish will melt on the stove.	CK
1628180	Glaciers around the world are melting.	Spamster
2247148	The ice melted into a puddle of water.	Hybrid
266906	The snow melted away when spring came.	Dejo
1744210	When the snow melts, it becomes water.	Djef_Messaoudi
318326	Ice turns back into water when it melts.	CK
67544	America is often referred as a melting pot.	CM
327052	Swiss chocolate really melts in your mouth.	CK
67344	Alice felt something hard melt in her heart.	CM
3081513	The snowman had melted completely by the next morning.	Tappity
265318	The area around the melting ice cream was crawling with ants.	CK
681456	The pain melted away as the ointment was rubbed into his foot.	Source_VOA
324846	A satellite was launched into orbit to monitor melting glaciers.	CM
1241244	You have to melt chocolate in a double-boiler so it doesn't burn.	xellugis
1446159	Last night there was still snow on the ground, but this morning it's all melted.	human600
3020390	Using high heat settings while ironing synthetic fabrics will melt the synthetic fibers and cause visible permanent damage, which often looks like a shiny area where the too-hot iron had the longest contact with the fabric.	Delian