English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Medical" in Example Sentences
Page 1

19613	I need medical help.	CK	1
2953718	We need medical supplies.	CK	1
1069870	I need medical assistance.	goksun	1
312525	She was a medical student.	CK	1
2387525	I need some medical advice.	CK	1
2953628	We have a medical emergency.	CK	1
1988358	Tom needs medical assistance.	CK	1
27892	Do you have medical insurance?	CK	1
2276040	I don't have medical training.	CK	1
2663244	Do you have any medical problems?	CK	1
298439	He was refused medical treatment.	CK	1
2408354	I think Tom needs medical attention.	CK	1
2402170	We need to get some medical supplies.	CK	1
903697	There is an urgent need for medical supplies.	CK	1
1096153	It would be unethical for me to tell you about Tom's medical problems.	CK	1
1095593	Tom can't get along on his salary because he has high medical expenses.	CK	1
1027574	I doubt that Tom had to sell his car in order to raise money for medical expenses.	CK	1
293599	He is a medical student.	CK
2957009	Tom is a medical intern.	CK
2957181	Tom is on medical leave.	CK
1730016	Tom has a medical bracelet.	alexmarcelo
2643561	Tom needs medical attention.	CK
680835	Doctors use medical equipment.	Source_VOA
2954690	You require medical attention.	CK
27890	Can I use my medical insurance?	CK
1709212	He attends medical conferences.	Amastan
2540708	Have you seen Tom medical records?	CK
293600	He is engaged in medical research.	CK
27891	I'd like to get medical insurance.	CK
2663152	Does Tom have any medical problems?	CK
2957521	Tom needs proper medical attention.	CK
2957522	Tom needs proper medical treatment.	CK
2954620	You need immediate medical attention.	CK
293650	He dedicated his life to medical work.	Eldad
324801	We need more medical care for infants.	CK
239081	I'd like to have a medical examination.	CM
2985994	Tom will have to get medical attention.	CK
2270151	What year of medical school are you in?	_undertoad
2265547	Medical marijuana is legal in this state.	Hybrid
317502	She made a series of medical discoveries.	CK
2957115	Tom is in desperate need of medical care.	CK
1498069	Can you tell me your past medical history?	levanah
2954949	You're injured and need medical attention.	CK
277671	Even worms are bought for medical research.	CM
2712618	There's an urgent need for medical supplies.	CK
37195	Tom has a bright career as a medical doctor.	CM
681913	The scientist is conducting medical research.	Source_VOA
817192	Do you have a private medical insurance policy?	hrin
3078342	Tom is in need of medical attention right away.	CK
47450	He needs proper medical attention at a hospital.	Dejo