English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Mature" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2203071	We're mature.	CK	1
2203073	Tom is mature.	CK	1
2203072	You're mature.	CK	1
2255449	You've obviously matured.	CK	1
3172197	Do you think you're mature?	CK	1
2203074	I'm mature.	CK
267230	Girls mature faster than boys.	CK
2957349	Tom is very mature for his age.	CK
277953	A butterfly is a mature caterpillar.	CM
293142	He grew a beard to look more mature.	CK
53940	A monkey is mature at a few years old.	CM
2771453	Tom seems like a mature sort of person.	sharptoothed
287671	His niece is attractive and mature for her age.	jakov
2266067	He became more mature with the passing of the years.	_undertoad
3009075	Mary was a difficult child, but she has matured into a beautiful young woman.	patgfisher
34880	Peter was fed up with childish girls and wanted to meet a really mature woman.	CK
329403	There are various types of wines and the way they are matured varies accordingly.	fcbond