English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Material" in Example Sentences
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58231	This material stretches easily.	CK	1
2258952	Is this good material?	_undertoad
2985419	This material is ruined.	sharptoothed
2267088	I prefer plain materials.	_undertoad
2270085	We'll use other material.	_undertoad
58049	This material never wears out.	CM
1552272	We've already seen this material.	erikspen
2268954	This material will wear very well.	_undertoad
23214	We got all the materials together.	CK
262995	We get the materials from Malaysia.	CK
58236	I want a suit made of this material.	CK
239071	Building materials are expensive now.	CK
261610	I am not interested in material gain.	CK
261611	I'm not interested in material gains.	CM
575318	She's collecting material for a book.	FeuDRenais
2270087	We're going to test the new material.	_undertoad
317035	She is collecting material for a book.	CK
2985695	Here's a sample of the material I want.	sharptoothed
2259443	The suit's made of very rough material.	_undertoad
473770	I'm going to go buy some materials today.	FeuDRenais
2270163	When it was stretched, the material tore.	_undertoad
299934	He is engaged in developing new materials.	CK
309723	Her dress was made of very cheap material.	CM
58228	This material is not suitable for a dress.	CM
281526	Japan depends on imports for raw materials.	CK
2267895	That tailor always uses very good material.	_undertoad
3177302	This chair is made from recycled materials.	Hybrid
681840	A crane raises heavy construction materials.	Source_VOA
52105	Furniture made of good materials sells well.	CM
681434	The chairs are made of a synthetic material.	Source_VOA
899993	Her clothes were made of very cheap material.	CK
58237	I'm going to make this material into a skirt.	CK
46506	The novelist gathered materials for his work.	CK
281524	Japan has to import most of its raw materials.	CK
2267869	That material's going to shrink if it's washed.	_undertoad
281511	Japan imports various raw materials from abroad.	CK
681433	Mary will buy satin material for her new drapes.	Source_VOA
57391	This material will stand up to lots of washings.	CK
2959133	The raw materials must be shipped in from abroad.	sharptoothed
1116305	These two shirts are made from the same material.	alexmarcelo
1116547	Those two shirts are made from the same material.	Guybrush88
307506	They gave him both material and spiritual support.	CM
59022	Translating this material calls for a lot of patience.	CM
1560628	I need some Japanese listening comprehension materials.	sirpoot
23014	We import raw materials and export the finished products.	papabear
34099	It is best to review the material before the presentation.	CM
1116309	These two pairs of pants are made from different materials.	alexmarcelo
34218	Plastics have taken the place of many conventional materials.	CM
1159257	I have not yet collected sufficient materials to write a book.	emmettricks
3060842	This material seems to change color when the light strikes it.	sharptoothed