English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Master" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2272830	Tom is a master.	CK	1
2218430	You're the master.	CK	1
1598993	I have the master key.	marcelostockle	1
292613	He tried to master French.	CK	1
270116	No man can serve two masters.	CK	1
24978	A jack of all trades is a master of none.	CK	1
1596	It's quite difficult to master French in 2 or 3 years.	blay_paul	1
1893893	We don't believe that Tom will be able to master French.	CK	1
1077736	He found his master.	keira_n
914039	He is his own master.	Jane_Austen
1747324	Do not call him master.	belgavox
48242	The dog knew its master.	CM
26218	To master English is hard.	CM
294040	He mastered English easily.	CM
26394	I'd like to master English.	CK
26217	It's hard to master English.	CK
241309	Please bring the master key.	CK
26236	English isn't easy to master.	jakov
1495323	The master praised the slave.	Thryth
373261	He mastered all he was taught.	kotobaboke
400398	Mastering English is difficult.	CK
306484	They are loyal to their master.	CM
62370	This is how I mastered English.	CM
26238	To master English is difficult.	CM
303656	He got a master's degree in law.	CK
26216	It is not easy to master English.	CK
312117	She is intent on mastering French.	CK
26348	English cannot be mastered overnight.	NekoKanjya
297184	He is a master at getting his own way.	CK
239205	The dog defended his master from harm.	CK
239203	The dog tagged along after his master.	CK
277324	Sooner or later, he will master French.	Nero
16186	You are the master of your own destiny.	CK
934178	I keep the master copy under lock and key.	Guybrush88
310174	She got a master's degree three years ago.	CK
1482467	I'm getting a master's degree in education.	weihaiping
48982	The painting is the work of a Dutch master.	CM
58111	This battle left Napoleon master of Europe.	CM
276721	You can not master English in a short time.	CM
21910	It takes years to master a foreign language.	Eldad
2318383	She got her master's degree three years ago.	CK
682879	The dog followed its master, wagging its tail.	Chelsea
1026929	Tom called himself the Master of the Universe.	CK
21915	Mastering a foreign language calls for patience.	CK
21889	It is difficult for foreigners to master Japanese.	Swift
2030469	Everyone ought to be the master of his own destiny.	CK
26205	It is impossible to master English in a short time.	NekoKanjya
27388	It is impossible to master English in a year or so.	CK
21901	It is by no means easy to master a foreign language.	CK
276398	No one can master English if he doesn't make effort.	CK