English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Massage" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2777894	I need a massage.	mervert1	1
1360794	I really need a massage.	xrchz	1
1654255	Tom went to the massage parlor.	Spamster	1
3152254	Tom said he'd give me a massage.	CK	1
1935036	Did you get a massage?	Spamster
1935037	Do you want a massage?	Spamster
887133	She gave him a massage.	CK
2955918	Tom asked for a massage.	CK
2221126	He gave her a foot massage.	Hybrid
1483031	Mary massaged my shoulders.	Spamster
2592777	He asked for a back massage.	WestofEden
3171486	Tom gave Mary a foot massage.	CK
1600864	Mary works in a massage parlor.	Spamster
1920346	She works as a massage therapist.	Spamster
2091	I want a massage. I need to relax.	Swift
2957483	Tom massages his temples with his fingers.	CK
1747758	When was the last time you massaged your legs?	Amastan
1029678	Tom asked Mary to give him a massage, but she didn't want to.	CK