English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Marriage" in Example Sentences
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762693	I'm against the marriage.	CM	1
1951571	I can't even think about marriage.	CK	1
887250	She is related to him by marriage.	CK	1
1028514	Tom is related to Mary by marriage.	CK	1
2016961	Tom wants to call off the marriage.	CK	1
1281086	My parents had an arranged marriage.	CK	1
238699	Marriage is the last thing on my mind.	Dejo	1
1498866	Tom and Mary had an arranged marriage.	Spamster	1
2044899	Let's pretend we have a happy marriage.	CK	1
1024214	Tom says that he has the perfect marriage.	CK	1
2044952	Let's just pretend we have a happy marriage.	CK	1
1109242	Mary is Tom's oldest child from his third marriage.	CK	1
1095969	Tom and Mary have an extraordinarily happy marriage.	CK	1
1029804	Tom and Mary say that they have the perfect marriage.	CK	1
1526480	Our marriage is over.	pauldhunt
238715	Marriage is a lottery.	CM
735152	Don't rush into marriage.	eastasiastudent
328529	You call that a marriage?	fcbond
2265555	Gay marriage is legal here.	Hybrid
1994403	Your marriage is in trouble.	CK
238716	Marriage is a serious matter.	CK
25864	Marriages are made in heaven.	CK
1126731	We're working on our marriage.	nadsat
681024	Marriage frightens some people.	Source_VOA
1479117	Tom had three failed marriages.	Spamster
295893	He is related to me by marriage.	CK
729864	Hollywood marriages rarely last.	darinmex
2265556	Same-sex marriage is legal here.	Hybrid
680198	Tom's anger hurt their marriage.	Source_VOA
295887	He is related to her by marriage.	CK
316377	She accepted his hand in marriage.	CK
305187	Their marriage broke up last year.	CK
238711	Marriage customs differ by country.	CK
319176	My father objected to our marriage.	CK
802367	They were having marriage problems.	Source_VOA
2539400	My parents were against our marriage.	CK
3000790	It was only a marriage of convenience.	Hybrid
307364	They congratulated him on his marriage.	CK
305928	They consented to our marriage at last.	CK
1655521	They had a debate on same-sex marriage.	Spamster
238694	They split up after a year of marriage.	CK
2881849	My parents were opposed to our marriage.	CK
305103	They broke up after 7 years of marriage.	CK
65944	First cousins are too close for marriage.	CM
238681	Let me congratulate you on your marriage.	CK
238720	Marriage is the union of a man and woman.	CM
3107521	You need to work on saving your marriage.	DostKaplan
54286	Did your parents approve of your marriage?	CK
2722349	Tom and Mary kept their marriage a secret.	CK
2640650	Tom and Mary kept their marriage a secret.	CK