English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Market" in Example Sentences
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2281806	We don't market to children.	CK	1
2718938	What time does the market open?	CK	1
1094990	Tom dabbles in the stock market.	CK	1
262591	We have a 20% share of the market.	CK	1
2225381	Let's go to the flea market tomorrow.	CK	1
58362	Is this new model available on the market?	CM	1
1094054	Tom found a few good deals at the flea market.	CK	1
315160	She went to the market to buy fresh vegetables.	CK	1
63475	Karen bought a lot of things at the flea market.	CK	1
34129	Is there anywhere I can go to find a flea market?	CM	1
1096177	I've heard that Tom buys things on the black market.	CK	1
1092795	Tom thought he had a chance to make a lot of money on the stock market.	CK	1
1098075	The market is big.	cntrational
246142	The market rallied.	CK
2299209	Where is the market?	Adelpa
1098058	I went to the market.	cntrational
434792	Go through the market.	lukaszpp
371575	She works in marketing.	saeb
246141	The market was quiet today.	CM
1499345	We are going to the market.	CM
813829	China is an emerging market.	U2FS
1442248	He is the head of marketing.	Eldad
681430	The market opens at 9:00 a.m.	Source_VOA
45074	There is a market in the town.	CK
2713077	Tom walked through the market.	CK
807111	Why did the stock market crash?	Source_VOA
1098053	Alice didn't walk to the market.	cntrational
681431	The stock market fell yesterday.	Source_VOA
21204	The stock market is very active.	CK
62261	There is a big market for coffee.	CM
1696946	What time do you go to the market?	Amastan
28499	Cheap imports will glut the market.	CM
16551	Did you buy it on the black market?	iamgrim
19340	How is it going in the fish market?	NekoKanjya
749533	She goes to the market once a week.	Serhiy
314918	She went to the market once a week.	CK
1519499	The market is completely saturated.	Spamster
462808	The market is next to the pharmacy.	lukaszpp
21203	The stock market has dropped today.	CK
807253	Fear washed across the stock market.	Source_VOA
246144	The market was flooded with imports.	CM
1635349	I'm taking these sheep to the market.	Amastan
680878	With work, we can expand our markets.	Source_VOA
294891	He lost a fortune in the stock market.	CK
1651745	He unexpectedly met her in the market.	Amastan
435572	He's raking it in on the stock market.	blay_paul
246103	The lambs were slaughtered for market.	Zifre
2268724	There's fruit and meat in this market.	_undertoad
55026	These are the best bags on the market.	CK
47349	That market has been rapidly expanding.	CM