English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Manual" in Example Sentences
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2395957	Didn't you read the manual?	CK	1
2543662	I'll have to do it manually.	CK	1
2541126	Have you read the owner's manual?	CK	1
321073	Sewing is manual work.	CM
1723946	Use the manual override.	Spamster
3356215	Have you read the manual?	CK
2601399	Do you drive a manual or automatic?	AlanF_US
312709	She was reading a gardening manual.	CK
601741	Can you drive a manual transmission?	CK
2934143	Tom is very skilled at manual labor.	MystyrNile
302981	He was too feeble to do manual labor.	CM
312710	She is reading a manual on gardening.	CK
291208	He did hard manual labor through the day.	CM
60005	Manual labor is necessary in this company.	CM
1202211	Please refer to the owner's manual for more details.	CK
681317	Carpentry and bricklaying are examples of manual labor.	Source_VOA
305026	The manual they asked him to read was two inches thick.	Nero
1913266	If I'd only taken the time to read the instruction manual!	CM
1202206	Refer to the instruction manual if you need to fix the refrigerator.	CK
457147	You can download the instruction manual for the heat exchanger here.	FeuDRenais
847234	There are two kinds of work in the world--head work and hand work; mental and manual.	Source_Benedict_1921
54574	The operation of a computer keyboard requires less effort than that of a manual typewriter.	CM