English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Main" in Example Sentences
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1264224	That's the main gate.	CK	1
1165794	The main tap is turned off.	CK	1
3024052	Our main office is in Boston.	CK	1
1165797	The main valve is turned off.	CK	1
2451215	What's your main reason for studying French?	CK	1
328226	There isn't anybody in front of the main gate yet.	CK	1
2686431	That's the main thing.	raggione
639380	This is our main goal.	Eldad
2763452	The water main has burst.	sharptoothed
275935	Barley is our main product.	CM
639381	This is our main objective.	Eldad
680681	Give me the main points now.	Source_VOA
279959	Our main office is in Osaka.	NielDLR
2254392	Who's giving the main speech?	_undertoad
265442	A car drew up at the main gate.	CM
259354	I walked along the main street.	CK
281407	The main crop of Japan is rice.	CK
462774	The main streets are very wide.	lukaszpp
40975	A taxi drew up at the main gate.	Swift
62244	Coffee is Brazil's main product.	CK
301319	He has a store on the main road.	CK
286612	His main interest is in history.	CK
620820	One of the main problems was food.	ulyssemc1
2663180	Our main problem remains unsolved.	CK
2763406	The main line runs through Boston.	sharptoothed
65999	When to start is the main problem.	CK
31851	Can you tell me where Main Street is?	CK
681417	This is the main gate to their house.	Source_VOA
62149	This is the main street of this city.	CM
61361	What are the main sights around here?	CK
267673	Flour is the main ingredient in cakes.	CM
807333	The main idea in his speech was unity.	Source_VOA
59535	What is the main purpose of this plan?	CK
901560	He explained the plan's main objective.	joeycrunch
681415	The main idea of the plot is not clear.	Source_VOA
31849	We are having fish for our main course.	CK
57849	What is the main industry in this town?	CK
326531	Take down the main points of the speech.	CM
395735	Making money is his main purpose in life.	CK
322143	The main office was raided by the police.	CM
290719	He explained the main purpose of the plan.	CK
1114845	What is the main attraction of the museum?	Guybrush88
41009	A lot of people went by on the main street.	CK
286883	His main object in life was to become rich.	CM
664042	Marriage is the main cause of all divorces.	bluepie88
59262	What are the main products of this country?	CM
324551	The post office is just off the main street.	CK
706871	There are two main characters in this story.	papabear
69265	You must not lose sight of your main object.	CM
3278258	Let's meet in front of the main gate at 2:30.	CK