English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Maid" in Example Sentences
Page 1

476463	He has a maid.	Eldad	1
2387646	I need to hire a maid.	CK	1
1140848	Tom wishes he had a maid.	CK	1
2544491	What's Mary's maiden name?	CK	1
1092641	Tom treated Mary like a maid.	CK	1
2541622	What's your wife's maiden name?	CK	1
2540743	What's your mother's maiden name?	CK	1
1096129	Mary went back to using her maiden name.	CK	1
2031564	Mary doesn't want to end up being an old maid.	CK	1
246271	Tom's acknowledgement that he stole the ring cleared the maid of suspicion.	CK	1
476464	He employs a maid.	CM
64402	The maid made my bed.	CK
299859	He employed a new maid.	CM
2268381	The maid served the tea.	_undertoad
2763454	Where can I hire a maid?	sharptoothed
2254437	The maid gave up her job.	_undertoad
2763450	Two old maids live there.	sharptoothed
1584074	What is your maiden name?	erikspen
1719067	Have you ever hired a maid?	Amastan
2550030	I've just hired a new maid.	sharptoothed
2960808	I gave the maid the day off.	Hybrid
293020	He has a maid to wait on him.	CK
2944527	The maid didn't see anything.	Hybrid
31861	The maid announced each guest.	CK
294436	He had the maid sweep his room.	CK
2267789	Tell the maid to make the beds.	_undertoad
2763412	This is our ship's maiden voyage.	sharptoothed
2033614	I want you to be my maid of honor.	CK
2259347	The maid will take it to your house.	_undertoad
2259345	The maid hasn't made up the room yet.	_undertoad
41213	The Titanic sunk on its maiden voyage.	CK
38474	Please have the maid carry it to my room.	CK
2763390	There are only three maids in this hotel.	sharptoothed
67837	How many maids does that lady want to employ?	CM
2640371	The maid asked if we wanted the room cleaned.	CK
1251248	The Titanic's maiden voyage didn't go so well.	darinmex
63172	The maid had already cleaned the room when Carol walked in.	CK
881432	The Titanic sank on her maiden voyage. She was a large ship.	alexmarcelo
847210	Just as there are few fat "old maids," there are few fat bachelors.	Source_Benedict_1921
33379	I had a part-time job as a hotel maid, but I didn't like it very much.	CK