English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Magic" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1341857	It's magic.	Guybrush88	1
2248861	It was magic.	CK	1
2300665	I can do magic.	CK	1
2250959	That was magic.	CK	1
2294003	I believe in magic.	CK	1
1531634	Tom believes in magic.	Spamster	1
2275963	I don't believe in magic.	CK	1
1024630	Tom knows a few magic tricks.	CK	1
250215	My cousin is good at doing magic tricks.	CK	1
2460904	It's like magic.	Hybrid
2679027	It was a magic moment.	Hybrid
2725874	It's almost like magic.	Hybrid
3155961	Do you believe in magic?	deyta
1648612	Do you believe in magic?	Spamster
250181	I wish I could use magic.	CK
1546165	Tom practices black magic.	Spamster
2957647	Tom performed a magic trick.	CK
1683807	Do you want to see some magic?	Spamster
2807665	You didn't say the magic word.	Hybrid
267984	The boy knows many magic tricks.	CK
3131051	This is where the magic happens.	CK
1742293	I do not believe in magic spells.	Sibelius
304143	He knows many amusing magic tricks.	CK
772772	I was impressed by his magic tricks.	marloncori
772770	He impressed me with his magic tricks.	marloncori
2952802	I'm not impressed by your magic tricks.	CK
25618	The prince was changed into a tree by magic.	NekoKanjya
299245	He produced a rabbit out of his hat by magic.	CM
1223621	I'll use magic on him and turn him into a frog.	CK
299244	He amused the children by showing them some magic.	CK
456862	This ring is a magic item that gives great power to its user.	blay_paul
526920	The wizard waved his magic wand and disappeared into thin air.	darinmex
266073	No matter how interesting magic shows may be, I don't like them so much.	CK
1559992	The wizened, old sorcerer took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about magic.	darinmex