English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Luxury" in Example Sentences
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40960	Taking a taxi is a luxury for me.	Swift	1
304882	He lives in luxury.	CM
304881	He led a life of luxury.	CK
315392	She used to live in luxury.	CK
306983	They used to live in luxury.	CK
1652300	It's a luxury we can't afford.	Spamster
326646	I would like to live in luxury.	CM
2959185	Such luxury is beyond my reach.	sharptoothed
49874	The hotel has an air of luxury.	CM
65506	Our budget won't allow that luxury.	CM
241347	A luxury liner arrived in the harbor.	jakov
238436	Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.	CM
325563	Traveling is a luxury I cannot afford.	CM
273148	Advertisements urge us to buy luxuries.	jakov
317535	She was brought up in the lap of luxury.	CM
326647	The market for luxury goods is growing fast.	CM
284889	He has no daily necessities, much less luxuries.	CM
623211	Their modest income doesn't allow for many luxuries.	darinmex
2508279	He lives in a luxury apartment close to Central Park.	Dejo
265246	As it is, ordinary people cannot afford to purchase such luxuries.	CM