English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Log" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2406525	I slept like a log.	CK	1
3222995	Tom was sitting on a log.	CK	1
1442	I shouldn't have logged off.	CK	1
294974	He balanced himself on a log.	CK	1
1074722	Tom put another log on the fire.	CK	1
1040559	Tom slept like a log last night.	CK	1
1092732	Tom threw another log on the fire.	CK	1
1024065	Tom tossed another log on the fire.	CK	1
1024155	Tom slept like a log all night and most of the next day.	CK	1
2761706	Where's the log house?	sharptoothed
354572	You are not logged in.	plover
2985361	Tom sawed the logs in half.	sharptoothed
285684	His house was built of logs.	CK
2761760	Put another log on the fire.	CK
2643715	Put another log on the fire.	CK
2761658	When will they start logging?	sharptoothed
2761758	Put another log in the fireplace.	sharptoothed
1359967	Mike made a crude table out of logs.	CK
2978041	Tom put a few more logs on the fire.	Hybrid
3223124	Tom sat on a log, picking his guitar.	CK
311173	She half dragged, half carried the log.	CM
3308387	Close your eyes and picture a log house.	CK
1987991	Throw another log on the fire, will you?	FlamingTofu
323588	I found some wild mushrooms under the log.	CK
2761540	The logs are being floated down the river.	sharptoothed
1199182	Illegal logging has decreased considerably.	CM
2474260	There are many log cabins in these mountains.	sharptoothed
3223175	Tom sat down on the log and took off his boots.	CK
1492705	I'd like to buy a log cabin somewhere in Canada.	Scott
3223181	Tom sat down on the log in front of the campfire.	CK
243901	Who was the last person to log on to the computer?	CK
2649560	They floated the logs down the river to the sawmill.	sharptoothed
2761472	There's a complete record of the storm in the ship's log.	sharptoothed
63643	In Canada, there are many areas where it is illegal to log trees.	Nero
241323	Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, was born in a log cabin in Kentucky.	CK