English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Load" in Example Sentences
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2203059	I'm loaded.	CK	1
2203058	Tom is loaded.	CK	1
2203057	You're loaded.	CK	1
2240820	We're all loaded.	CK	1
1490309	I had loads of fun.	niceguydave	1
1044868	Is your gun loaded?	CK	1
2273654	Tom loaded his gun.	CK	1
2647909	Tom loaded the van.	CK	1
3311973	We'll load the van.	CK	1
1898215	The gun isn't loaded.	CK	1
2646920	Tom loaded the truck.	CK	1
2645451	The guns weren't loaded.	CK	1
1867883	Tom started loading the gun.	CK	1
1092676	Tom told me to load my pistol.	CK	1
1868330	Tom finished loading the truck.	CK	1
306987	They are loading oil into the ship.	CK	1
1094717	Tom didn't know the gun was loaded.	CK	1
1040564	Tom sat on the stump loading his gun.	CK	1
1044940	Tom checked to see if his gun was loaded.	CK	1
1044949	Tom checked to make sure his gun was loaded.	CK	1
326439	The old man loaded his mule with bags full of sand.	CK	1
2182834	He's loaded.	Hybrid
1437164	Take a load off.	Nero
2259587	They loaded the truck.	_undertoad
473818	Tennis is loads of fun.	FeuDRenais
1355382	It was load off my mind.	CK
1453915	We'll have loads of fun.	Spamster
289912	He keeps this gun loaded.	CK
980565	This car is fully loaded.	CM
3174766	Tom keeps his gun loaded.	CK
434414	Can you load the dishwasher?	lukaszpp
1297672	I've seen loads of concerts.	Guybrush88
2259761	We have to lighten the load.	_undertoad
1572849	We ate a whole load of apples.	fanty
2784464	The nets were loaded with fish.	sharptoothed
2642631	Tom loaded the truck with sand.	CK
268763	The table was loaded with fruit.	CM
43114	That is really a load off my mind.	CM
2119596	I buy loads of stuff at that store.	CK
248489	We loaded our baggage into the car.	CK
286918	His success took a load off my mind.	minshirui
2649708	They loaded the tank on the flatcar.	sharptoothed
237442	This camera is not loaded with film.	Nero
2259709	This mule can't carry a heavier load.	_undertoad
2539370	Tom hit a home run with bases loaded.	CK
1482716	The coffin was loaded into the hearse.	Spamster
50164	The truck carried a load of furniture.	CK
306568	They are loading coal into a ship now.	CK
2640934	We're ready to begin loading the truck.	CK
248836	We loaded a lot of luggage into the car.	CK