English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Limit" in Example Sentences
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2251269	That's the limit.	CK	1
2252609	There are limits.	CK	1
2252660	There's no limit.	CK	1
2549045	I'm over my limit.	CK	1
2335040	The sky's the limit.	Hybrid	1
2547647	My French is limited.	CK	1
2893011	Your time is limited.	CK	1
3312411	We have limited space.	CK	1
2892413	Was there a time limit?	CK	1
2584314	I have reached my limits.	VirtuOZ	1
2218190	You're limiting yourself.	CK	1
1494528	Tom has limited free time.	Spamster	1
2734388	Don't exceed the speed limit.	CK	1
1093285	Tom likes to push the limits.	CK	1
1499297	Don't go over the speed limit.	CK	1
2991810	Let's conserve our limited water supply.	CK	1
2991811	Let's conserve our limited water resources.	CK	1
282698	Please limit your presentation to 30 minutes.	CK	1
250140	I'll help you within the limits of my ability.	CK	1
1026215	Tom doesn't actually live within Boston city limits.	CK	1
952860	The blood alcohol limit for drunken driving is .08 percent in Texas.	CK	1
1092412	Tom was going 50 over the speed limit when the police pulled him over.	CK	1
1092797	Tom thought he could reach the airport on time if he drove a little over the speed limit.	CK	1
1092735	Tom thought there should be a limit on how much money his wife should be allowed to spend.	CK	1
2200123	Our time is limited.	Guybrush88
1078144	Love knows no limits.	keira_n
2162690	That area's off-limits.	FeuDRenais
2300595	There's no speed limit.	Hybrid
1702651	This area is off-limits.	Spamster
319883	Everything has its limit.	CM
313263	Her viewpoint is limited.	CM
1723963	I want to test my limits.	Spamster
2617338	It's a limited-time offer.	Hybrid
22943	We have limited resources.	Bing05
1690454	Our budget is very limited.	Spamster
2735291	The speed limit was 60 mph.	Hybrid
2124154	Human cruelty has no limits.	Guybrush88
51822	Don't exceed the speed limit.	CM
1723961	He wanted to test his limits.	Spamster
2074944	We have a very limited stock.	Guybrush88
2082696	Our inventory is very limited.	halfb1t
495871	Don't go above the speed limit.	CK
285747	His patience reached its limit.	CK
67411	There is a limit to everything.	CK
885197	Why limit yourself to just one?	darinmex
59446	This building is off limits now.	CK
55577	This weighs more than the limit.	CM
803126	He had limited skills in politics.	Source_VOA
272468	The number of tickets was limited.	CM
2976604	There is no limit to human desire.	CK