English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Level" in Example Sentences
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303744	He leveled his gun at me.	CK	1
2275160	Don't stoop to Tom's level.	CK	1
2216174	Have you checked the oil level recently?	CK	1
2031989	What we want to do next is check the oil level.	CK	1
2042825	The first thing you'll usually want to do is check the oil level.	CK	1
1092311	Tom was worried that his cholesterol level might be a little high.	CK	1
1192047	This is the kind of work that requires a high level of concentration.	CK	1
1027232	Tom adapted last year's lesson plans so he could use them with this year's lower level students.	CK	1
2679242	We are on the same level.	fekundulo
62536	Are you on the level, Ken?	CM
2120036	I am trying my level best.	nabeel_tahir
2956274	Tom checked the oil level.	CK
340461	I won't stoop to his level.	tinacalysto
2268497	The road hasn't been leveled.	_undertoad
680359	The fuel level is below empty.	Source_VOA
2769606	How far above sea level are we?	carlosalberto
56107	My cholesterol levels are high.	CK
2727372	How high above sea level are we?	Hybrid
488267	I won't stoop down to his level.	Swift
3201885	I told Tom to check the oil level.	CK
2044	I won't lower myself to his level.	CK
1578575	The river's water level has risen.	CM
2761608	Tom leveled the gun at Mary's head.	sharptoothed
807268	Prices went to amazingly low levels.	Source_VOA
2761600	Tom has a level head in emergencies.	sharptoothed
2761588	The bookcase is level with the table.	sharptoothed
3202383	Tom told me he checked the oil level.	CK
681347	I rode the elevator to the third level.	Source_VOA
1628177	Sea levels around the world are rising.	Spamster
270782	The water rose to a level of 10 meters.	CM
2761536	The river rose above the level of the dam.	sharptoothed
57689	This city is 1,600 meters above sea level.	CK
2761516	Tom is below the general level of the class.	sharptoothed
309088	Her acting is on the level of a professional.	CM
273199	The level of the river rose little by little.	CM
56774	The top of this tree is level with the fence.	CM
681630	Many high-level officials attended the meeting.	Source_VOA
1116336	The water levels in these glasses are the same.	alexmarcelo
306013	They are now leveling the road with a bulldozer.	CK
802623	They held almost no power at the national level.	Source_VOA
243159	This year unemployment will reach record levels.	CK
1405611	Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at sea level.	CK
681346	The flood water reached the level of the windows.	Source_VOA
2268190	The house is on the most level part of the ground.	_undertoad
47716	The mountain is about 3000 meters above sea level.	CK
2489028	The Danube's water level has reached a record high.	Hybrid
758813	As global warming increases, sea levels get higher and higher.	eastasiastudent
809042	I'd like to study in China to improve the level of my Chinese.	eastasiastudent
20499	The plane rose sharply before leveling off as it left the coast.	CK
42447	It's the sort of work that calls for a high level of concentration.	sacredceltic