English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Length" in Example Sentences
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262798	We discussed the problem at length.	CK	1
34397	I swam two pool lengths.	CM
291506	He explained it at length.	CM
39873	At length, he began to cry.	CK
45019	Can you measure the length?	CK
247416	Our boat won by two lengths.	CK
255836	At length, I found his house.	CK
1199549	She has shoulder-length hair.	Anon
42222	It is thirty meters in length.	CK
287301	His horse won by three lengths.	CK
248093	We debated the matter at length.	CM
51270	A centimeter is a unit of length.	CM
239267	Could you cut it shoulder length?	CK
298340	He explained the facts at length.	CK
299740	He lay on the mat at full length.	CM
1723819	We discussed the topic at length.	belgavox
569294	What's the length of this bridge?	FeuDRenais
288201	He measured the length of the bed.	CK
259550	I walked the length of the street.	CK
58118	This river is 500 miles in length.	CK
299630	He lay at full length on the floor.	CM
290965	He lay at full length on the grass.	CM
3170618	Tom has shoulder-length brown hair.	CK
686579	We discussed the subject at length.	Eldad
261440	I like to wear my skirts knee length.	CK
756108	My hair is the same length as Jane's.	sctld
58097	The length of this ship is 30 meters.	CK
282711	I have had my hair cut shoulder length.	CK
847148	He is inclined to argue at great length.	Source_Benedict_1921
313288	She keeps him at arm's length these days.	CM
3170704	Mary was wearing a knee-length blue dress.	CK
2270127	What is the length of this piece of cloth?	_undertoad
757748	Her hair grew back to it's original length.	shishikyuu
59660	This bridge is twice the length of that one.	CK
295868	He explained at length what had been decided.	CM
59665	I don't know the exact length of this bridge.	CK
30346	Measure the length of the stick with a ruler.	CM
51027	The length of our stay there will be one week.	CM
261567	I like to have a full-length mirror in my bedroom.	CK
1350147	This bridge is two times the length of that bridge.	Chrikaru
2403709	Some people will go to great lengths to avoid conflict.	morgyn
1327485	The length of days and the length of years hardly vary at all.	CK
1115767	The prime minister spoke about the financial crisis at length.	Nero
2043626	We'll go to any length to send our child to a good university.	darinmex
3087954	Tom stood in front of a full-length mirror, looking at himself.	CK