English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Leather" in Example Sentences
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1541492	It's made of leather.	Spamster	1
1541495	Tom bought a leather jacket.	Spamster	1
312994	She gave me a bag made of leather.	CK	1
2267429	It's a leather valise.	_undertoad
67079	That is a leather belt.	CK
2258798	I need a leather briefcase.	_undertoad
1541493	Mary was dressed in leather.	Spamster
60653	This bag is made of leather.	CK
61945	We don't carry leather goods.	CM
62989	The shoes are made of leather.	Nero
44885	The shop carried leather goods.	CK
294789	He buys and sells leather goods.	CK
435070	He's looking for a leather belt.	lukaszpp
2258864	I'm going to buy a leather belt.	_undertoad
2541125	I bought a pair of leather shoes.	CK
2540753	Tom zipped up his leather jacket.	CK
2540706	I bought a pair of leather gloves.	CK
2958510	Tom was carrying a leather briefcase.	CK
2958682	Tom was wearing black leather gloves.	CK
41968	They were made of rough brown leather.	CK
317836	I'm looking for a leather shoulder bag.	CK
60969	This steak is as tough as shoe leather.	Nero
3170564	Tom was wearing a brown leather jacket.	CK
2956149	Tom bought a new pair of leather gloves.	CK
2253239	I bought a leather frame for the picture.	_undertoad
251250	My new pair of shoes are made of leather.	CK
68691	That football is made of genuine leather.	adjusting
2957597	Tom often wears jeans and a leather jacket.	CK
3150573	Tom refuses to buy anything made of leather.	CK
48959	The leather jacket has worn out at the elbow.	CM
2958348	Tom took off his leather jacket and sat down.	CK
313645	She is wearing a leather belt around her waist.	CK
2259189	She was carrying a large leather bag under her arm.	_undertoad
68654	A wide leather belt would look good with that dress.	CM
270627	Artificial leather can't compare with the real thing.	CM
322255	It'll be cheaper in the long run to use real leather.	CK
3170608	Tom keeps his important papers in a brown leather case.	CK
2958683	Tom was wearing black leather pants and a black leather jacket.	CK
48611	The shoes were made of some soft stuff that looked like leather.	CK
59894	The other day he bought a wallet made of kangaroo leather for me.	CK
58617	A pair of leather gloves is a must when you work with these machines.	CM
847231	The heart itself is nothing more nor less than a large, tough, leather-like muscle.	Source_Benedict_1921