English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Leader" in Example Sentences
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2272820	Tom is a leader.	CK	1
1522408	Tom is our leader.	Spamster	1
1415518	Tom is the leader.	Spamster	1
2218429	You're the leader.	CK	1
2548199	I'm the leader here.	CK	1
1868152	Tom is their leader.	CK	1
2542704	You'll have to be the leader.	CK	1
1543622	They chose Tom as their leader.	CK	1
1026141	Tom doesn't have the qualities of a good leader.	CK	1
1094914	Tom definitely has the confidence to be our leader.	CK	1
1026130	Tom doesn't have what it takes to be a good leader.	CK	1
2587864	We need a leader.	alexmarcelo
1671739	He's the group leader.	Guybrush88
1671733	I'm the patrol leader.	Guybrush88
387553	Kent is a born leader.	Mouseneb
1671734	I am the patrol leader.	Guybrush88
426003	Take me to your leader.	gall
1841756	He's a community leader.	Spamster
2957012	Tom is a natural leader.	CK
1671737	Who is the group leader?	Guybrush88
299531	He is a potential leader.	CM
802947	He was a forceful leader.	Source_VOA
3330367	I wasn't the team leader.	CK
1671736	Who is the patrol leader?	Guybrush88
249261	We elected him our leader.	Nero
253518	I'm the leader of this team.	CK
269166	What is the new leader like?	CM
335216	I am the leader of this team.	koineko
2682016	She is a leader in her field.	iainmb93
262740	We regard John as our leader.	CK
2213511	He's not a charismatic leader.	Guybrush88
249310	We chose her to be our leader.	CK
688295	Are you a leader or a follower?	pandark
293344	He is looked up to as a leader.	CM
306790	They looked up to their leader.	CK
304068	He is admittedly an able leader.	CM
1388725	Our leader will know what to do.	Spamster
306321	They acclaimed him their leader.	CM
307394	They chose him for their leader.	CK
22711	We look up to him as our leader.	NekoKanjya
262822	We look up to Tom as our leader.	CM
680989	People will follow a good leader.	Source_VOA
1442044	She's a better leader than he is.	CK
2258543	He was the leader of the movement.	_undertoad
305386	They regarded him as their leader.	CK
1647044	A wise leader knows when to follow.	dimitris
805384	Germany's leaders were losing hope.	Source_VOA
302560	He is looked up to as their leader.	CM
805385	The nation's leaders had no choice.	Source_VOA
302551	He was looked up to as their leader.	CK