English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Lead" in Example Sentences
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1453856	Lead the way.	Spamster	1
2254958	You could lead.	CK	1
1335021	Lead is a metal.	CK	1
3023483	Tom led the way.	CK	1
3310125	We've got a lead.	CK	1
3330911	You lead the way.	CK	1
2377285	I led that mission.	CK	1
1474747	Tom is in the lead.	Spamster	1
1860694	Just follow my lead.	CK	1
1868085	Tom leads a quiet life.	CK	1
3023484	Tom led the discussion.	CK	1
2644935	Tom followed Mary's lead.	CK	1
2210844	Why don't you lead the way?	CK	1
57628	Where does this street lead to?	CK	1
268646	Eating too much may lead to sickness.	CK	1
1092575	Tom wanted a pencil with a softer lead.	CK	1
3024422	Dr. Jackson is one of the leading cardiologists in Boston.	CK	1
868121	She lead me on.	CM
25778	Lead bends easily.	CM
275003	I lead a busy life.	CM
292810	He led a sober life.	CM
1369715	Lead is easily bent.	captcrouton
298948	He led a simple life.	CM
258452	I led him by the hand.	adjusting
434186	All roads lead to Rome.	lukaszpp
890849	He leads a hectic life.	U2FS
268517	Thank you for the lead.	CM
2264222	He leads an active life.	sharptoothed
304881	He led a life of luxury.	CK
313521	She led a solitary life.	CM
297414	He led us to the station.	CK
67050	One thing led to another.	CM
55802	This is as heavy as lead.	CK
1290492	One vice leads to another.	Scott
1493325	Tom is leading the charge.	Spamster
37422	Tom leads the soccer team.	CK
2270181	Where does that road lead?	_undertoad
2270183	Where does this road lead?	_undertoad
3356292	You'd better lead the way.	CK
2643944	Tom led Mary into the cave.	CK
25296	What led you to believe so?	CK
34671	Hitler led Germany into war.	CK
1671744	My team is the leading team.	Guybrush88
44277	The couple led a happy life.	CK
46500	The path led to the village.	CM
307969	She is leading by two meters.	CK
3286944	That might lead to something.	CK
60815	This door leads to the study.	CM
57622	This road leads to Hong Kong.	CK
262726	We lead a very ordinary life.	mamat