English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Largely" in Example Sentences
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1326134	It depends largely on the context.	alexmarcelo
251280	My success was largely due to luck.	CK
286939	His success was largely due to good luck.	CM
269978	One's lifestyle is largely determined by money.	CM
277943	The audience was largely made up of very young children.	CM
34316	The taste of wine is largely dependent upon the weather.	CM
34853	How much beer people drink largely depends on the weather.	Swift
241371	The prosperity of a nation largely rests to its young men.	Zifre
247589	Our life depends largely on oil imported from other countries.	CM
393836	What this club is today is largely due to the effort of these people.	blay_paul