English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Laptop" in Example Sentences
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2635019	I need a laptop.	Joseph	1
2647422	Tom shut his laptop.	CK	1
2646335	Tom opened his laptop.	CK	1
2387643	I need to go get my laptop.	CK	1
953603	I shouldn't have put my laptop so close to the edge of the table.	CK	1
2635020	I need a laptop.	Joseph
463336	This laptop is light.	lukaszpp
3328161	Can I borrow your laptop?	CK
1466943	I will give you a laptop.	CM
1739721	My laptop has been stolen.	Guybrush88
1006053	My laptop is running Linux.	sysko
1006057	I'm running Linux on my laptop.	sysko
1966586	Can I use my laptop in the bath?	Spamster
1133268	I sat down and opened my laptop.	nadsat
1750171	Last Saturday I bought a laptop.	djtait
1989205	Do you have your laptop with you?	FlamingTofu
491241	A laptop is better than a desktop.	aandrusiak
682180	This laptop computer is very thin.	Source_VOA
1311173	His laptop is already five years old.	CK
1667937	When will you buy yourself a new laptop?	fanty
2958178	Tom spilled a glass of milk on his laptop.	CK
681288	Mary keeps her laptop with her at all times.	Source_VOA
1756913	He spends his evenings in front of his laptop.	Spamster
1055600	My laptop battery doesn't last as long as it used to.	darinmex
1647393	My new laptop is thinner and lighter than my old one.	Spamster
2957059	Tom is angry because Mary borrowed his laptop without asking.	CK
3067061	Tom was sitting cross-legged on his bed, typing on his laptop.	CK