English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Lamp" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2631910	I need a lamp.	Joseph	1
2648108	Is that a new lamp?	CK	1
257298	I bought an old lamp.	CK	1
2646846	Tom turned on a lamp.	CK	1
2645748	Tom turned on the lamp.	CK	1
1141063	Tom unplugged the lamp.	CK	1
61871	Do you sell desk lamps here?	CK	1
2539732	I'm sorry I broke your antique lamp.	CK	1
1312184	I turned the lamp off and fell asleep.	lugal	1
1460183	I turned off the lamp and went to sleep.	piksea	1
2631912	I need a lamp.	Joseph
2645268	Tom turned off the lamp.	CK
2375822	I knocked over that lamp.	CK
3022444	Set the lamp on the table.	sharptoothed
2280895	Are you selling these lamps?	ichivivi20
1176417	I don't like big desk lamps.	CK
2713143	Tom turned off his desk lamp.	CK
2542778	Tom turned on the table lamp.	CK
2959199	Remove the lamp from the table.	sharptoothed
29711	The lamp hung from the ceiling.	CK
278784	There is a lamp on the ceiling.	CK
301752	He hung a lamp from the ceiling.	CK
3124777	Tom turned off his bedside lamp.	CK
1741996	Don't let him switch on the lamp.	Amastan
3030944	This lamp gives off a soft light.	sharptoothed
65327	Edison invented the electric lamp.	CK
50920	I must replace that fluorescent lamp.	CK
29714	The lamp was swinging back and forth.	CM
29715	The lamp went out, and all was black.	CM
2259437	The street lamps don't give enough light.	_undertoad
39612	There was a lamp hanging above the table.	CM
2640603	Tom turned off the lamp on the nightstand.	CK
504659	Loosen the screws and remove the lamp cover.	blay_paul
28461	She switched on the lamp because it was dark.	Swift
2958397	Tom tuned on the desk lamp and started working.	CK
29713	The lamp was suspended from the branch of a tree.	CK
910352	A man without patience is like a lamp without oil.	Scott
2537525	Tom turned on the small lamp on his bedside table.	CK
2610857	Tom fell asleep at the wheel and hit a street lamp.	Hybrid
238016	This fluorescent lamp is starting to flicker. We'll have to replace it.	Zifre
2712493	Tom turned off his desk lamp and sat in the dark thinking about what he should do.	CK