English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Lady" in Example Sentences
Page 1

68692	Who is that lady?	CK	1
2993510	Tom is a ladies' man.	CK	1
1173745	That lady is over eighty.	CK	1
2954905	You're a very lucky lady.	CK	1
388470	I gave my seat to the old lady.	CK	1
315311	She grew up to be a beautiful lady.	CK	1
323927	Do you know the old lady at the gate?	CK	1
1025693	Tom gave his seat to an elderly lady.	CK	1
43327	The old lady walked slowly up the hill.	CK	1
265527	I can see a lady and two dogs in the car.	CK	1
321371	We had a birthday party for the old lady.	CK	1
43328	The old lady climbed the stairs with difficulty.	CK	1
2045874	Three beautiful ladies just walked into the lobby.	CK	1
8861	You should know better than to ask a lady her age.	CK	1
326467	The old lady lived in a three-room apartment by herself.	CK	1
1096102	Some old lady told Tom that he looked like Charles Darwin.	CK	1
43321	The old lady was kind enough to show me the way to the station.	CK	1
1029664	Tom asked Mary to see about getting front row seats at the Lady Gaga concert.	CK	1
54331	Ladies first.	CK
2210662	Goodnight ladies.	Hybrid
1461894	Who is this lady?	Guybrush88
383705	He greeted the lady.	CM
291251	He saluted the lady.	CM
58514	This lady is Indian.	CM
2954908	You're a weird lady.	CK
754967	Do you know this lady?	Guybrush88
289497	He robbed an old lady.	CK
1358636	An old lady sang to me.	CK
873783	I do not know this lady.	alexmarcelo
1879080	She's a fine young lady.	Spamster
44266	The lady is over eighty.	CK
44262	The lady remained silent.	CK
1841713	How's your old lady doing?	CK
267325	Never keep a lady waiting.	CK
2600528	She is a really nice lady.	Nero
463038	The young lady wants this.	lukaszpp
463132	These ladies are my aunts.	lukaszpp
2761688	Where is the ladies' room?	sharptoothed
318748	Where is the ladies' room?	CK
291005	He got the lady some water.	CK
2375951	I know how to treat a lady.	CK
316583	She is a very refined lady.	CK
68237	That poor lady is disabled.	CK
1258603	That young lady is a nurse.	CK
318745	The lady tolerated the man.	CM
3329601	Can I use your ladies' room?	CK
2064580	Does the lady speak Turkish?	halfb1t
326464	I helped an old lady across.	CK
802996	She was a former first lady.	Source_VOA
697210	I see a gentleman and a lady.	rpglover64