English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Lack" in Example Sentences
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1801782	I lack confidence.	Spamster	1
1520741	Tom lacks empathy.	Spamster	1
295702	He lacks experience.	CK	1
293191	He lacks motivation.	CK	1
2821639	Tom lacks confidence.	CK	1
1488694	Tom lacks discipline.	Spamster	1
1024611	Tom lacks experience.	CK	1
1024610	Tom lacks motivation.	CK	1
303009	He lacks common sense.	CK	1
2237142	Tom lacked commitment.	CK	1
312364	She lacks common sense.	CK	1
1164222	Tom seems to lack energy.	CK	1
297009	He died from lack of oxygen.	CK	1
295442	He failed, due to lack of money.	CK	1
37106	Tom lacks confidence in himself.	CK	1
284892	He lacks the talent to be an actor.	Swift	1
1092809	Tom thinks Mary lacks common sense.	CK	1
503830	Lack of sleep is bad for your health.	CK	1
681319	Tom lacks motivation to finish the job.	Source_VOA	1
1092145	Tom's lack of compassion surprised Mary.	CK	1
243436	The trouble is that she lacks experience.	CK	1
2057855	Are you blaming me for your lack of success?	CK	1
279489	I was very angry with myself for my lack of courage.	CM	1
476173	His lack of technical knowledge kept him from being promoted.	CK	1
1040725	For the lack of something better to do, Tom started cleaning his room.	CK	1
1040726	For the lack of something better to do, Tom decided to take a long walk.	CK	1
248471	We lack nothing.	CK
302467	He lacks judgement.	CK
1801780	He lacks confidence.	Spamster
2158515	You lack imagination.	Hybrid
2761710	Tom lacks persistence.	sharptoothed
1356790	Mary lacks common sense.	CK
67984	What he lacks is courage.	CM
275988	The game lacked excitement.	CM
295701	He is lacking in experience.	CM
268933	I'm tired from lack of sleep.	CK
299730	He is lacking in common sense.	CK
36208	Nancy seems to lack sincerity.	CM
58046	This organization lacks unity.	al_ex_an_der
308771	She is lacking in common sense.	CK
681320	The kitchen lacks a dishwasher.	Source_VOA
301840	He failed due to lack of effort.	CK
267853	The girl lacked musical ability.	CK
1536844	Tom's paper lacks any citations.	Spamster
245956	Children sometimes lack patience.	CM
807143	Many lacked political experience.	Source_VOA
268934	Lack of sleep began to tell on me.	CK
393271	Lack of sleep is bad for the body.	AniDeer
1330593	She lacks experience, doesn't she?	Guybrush88
299731	He must be lacking in common sense.	CK