English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Knowledge" in Example Sentences
Page 1

681314	Tom needs to gain more knowledge.	Source_VOA	1
292621	He has a good knowledge of French.	CK	1
277047	It's my belief that knowledge is power.	CK	1
2314937	I didn't know that was public knowledge.	CK	1
250251	My uncle has a good knowledge of French.	CK	1
1027255	To the best of my knowledge, Tom can't swim.	CK	1
2450113	My knowledge of French doesn't amount to much.	sharptoothed	1
476173	His lack of technical knowledge kept him from being promoted.	CK	1
277046	Knowledge is power.	LowMemory
273721	All knowledge is not good.	CM
250363	My knowledge of German is poor.	CK
2750987	To the best of my knowledge, no.	sharptoothed
301129	He has some knowledge of editing.	CK
312119	She acquired a knowledge of French.	CK
616097	Do you have any knowledge of French?	Eldad
45281	The man was a fountain of knowledge.	CM
2761596	Tom's lack of knowledge was obvious.	sharptoothed
292685	He acquired some knowledge about Ben.	CM
295700	He has both experience and knowledge.	CK
287307	His extensive knowledge surprises me.	CM
681313	I have no knowledge about their plans.	Source_VOA
312674	She acquired the knowledge of English.	CK
301449	He has experience as well as knowledge.	CK
271877	A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.	CK
284639	He has knowledge and experience as well.	CM
1020022	My knowledge of Japanese is rather poor.	Guybrush88
39231	Television helps us widen our knowledge.	darinmex
477224	To my knowledge, she hasn't married yet.	FeuDRenais
3071464	Tom had an unusual thirst for knowledge.	sharptoothed
272365	A baby has no knowledge of good and evil.	CK
2751079	Do you have any knowledge of this matter?	sharptoothed
292604	He has a good reading knowledge of French.	CK
2266363	He has very little knowledge of geography.	_undertoad
1190275	That is common knowledge in every village.	Imp
17503	You have knowledge and experience as well.	papabear
289089	He always parades his knowledge of English.	CK
1214152	He has a good knowledge of Russian grammar.	CM
1008529	His knowledge of geography is insufficient.	jakov
52754	John's father has some knowledge of French.	Swift
3226659	A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.	CK
251434	To the best of my knowledge, he is innocent.	CM
302226	He has a good knowledge of Japanese religion.	CK
317450	She has an encyclopedic knowledge of cooking.	CK
3024097	It's common knowledge that you don't like Tom.	CK
251466	To the best of my knowledge, he will not come.	CM
288212	He prides himself on his knowledge of politics.	CM
56751	Our knowledge on the problem is rather limited.	CM
1345745	Anna got married without her parents' knowledge.	CK
302242	He has only a superficial knowledge of Japanese.	CM
300949	He has transferred all his knowledge to his son.	CM