English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Knit" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111161	Tom knits.	CK	1
37015	Tom likes to knit.	CK	1
2646225	What are you knitting?	CK	1
887267	She knit him a sweater.	CK	1
1293072	She is really into knitting.	CK	1
311058	She was busy with her knitting.	CK	1
433396	My mother is knitting me a new sweater.	kazuya00	1
1029719	Tom asked Mary if she knew how to knit.	CK	1
68681	Have you finished knitting that sweater?	CK	1
887266	She knit him a sweater for his birthday.	CK	1
316904	She put her knitting aside and stood up.	CK	1
388334	She spent many days knitting a sweater for him.	CK	1
1155805	I was able to knit.	alexmarcelo
1908943	She is knitting a scarf.	Spamster
3109226	Tom likes knitting, too.	CK
1680149	I didn't knit it for him.	Dejo
317166	She is knitting a sweater.	CK
3330021	I knitted a sweater for Tom.	CK
249691	Will you knit a sweater for me?	CK
316809	She knitted her father a sweater.	CK
46427	The girl is skillful at knitting.	CK
2751009	Tom's girlfriend knitted him a sweater.	sharptoothed
1486598	Mary knows nothing of sewing or knitting.	Spamster
3157016	Mary put her knitting aside and stood up.	CK
2869200	Mary knitted Tom a sweater for his birthday.	Hybrid
317326	She has taken up knitting in her spare time.	CM
312162	She is knitting a sweater for her boyfriend.	CM
2716023	Tom often wears a knit ski cap in the winter.	CK
314610	She wore a sweater that she'd knitted herself.	CK
322343	My sister has been knitting since this morning.	CK
3157436	Tom tried to convince Mary to knit him a scarf.	CK
32010	Mary had been knitting for an hour when I called.	CM
323752	Tightly-knit carpets are generally more valuable.	Nero
60935	It must have been difficult for her to knit this sweater.	Eldad
316902	She was busy knitting. In the meantime, he was taking a nap by the fire.	CK