English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Kneel" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2237115	Tom knelt down.	CK	1
887263	She knelt beside him.	CK	1
304885	We knelt down to pray.	CK	1
22845	We all knelt down to pray.	CK	1
1661768	I knelt down to tie my shoes.	marcelostockle	1
887262	She knelt beside him and asked him what his name was.	CK	1
1526112	Tom kneeled.	Spamster
1526113	Mary is kneeling.	Spamster
2957406	Tom knelt down for a better look.	CK
2957404	Tom knelt down and lifted up the floorboard.	CK
877873	The religious man remained kneeling for hours.	alexmarcelo
305998	They knelt and thanked God for sending them rain.	sacredceltic
305999	They knelt down and prayed that the war would end soon.	CK
2957405	Tom knelt down and picked up the pieces of the broken glass.	CK
1638592	You must kneel at my feet, kiss my hand and swear that I am an angel.	Spamster
3319237	Tom knelt down next to Mary, checked for a pulse, and then looked up and shook his head.	CK