English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Kilometre" in Example Sentences
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1261802	Tom told Mary that he thought a hippopotamus could run at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour.	CK	1
262664	We ran for 10 kilometers.	CK
2513891	I run ten kilometers a day.	CK
2452019	It's thirty kilometers away.	sharptoothed
2442891	I walked 10 kilometers today.	FeuDRenais
453538	It is 50 kilometers to Paris.	saasmath
41219	It's about 8 kilometers away.	sacredceltic
242428	Today I walked 10 kilometers.	CK
2700692	Tom runs 10 kilometers a day.	AlanF_US
35018	It's fifty kilometers to Paris.	CK
2952532	I try to swim a kilometer a day.	CK
2700694	Tom runs 10 kilometers every day.	AlanF_US
249444	We walked for about 6 kilometers.	CK
1520257	The radius of the Earth is 6400 km.	shanghainese
21552	The school is two kilometers ahead.	CK
2820899	It's three kilometers over that way.	sharptoothed
63720	A gas station is one kilometer ahead.	CM
2796796	It's over three kilometers from here.	sharptoothed
42595	It's about 133 kilometers from London.	CK
2640936	We're about three kilometers off shore.	CK
495632	This car is going 60 kilometers an hour.	NekoKanjya
2474320	You could hear the blast for kilometers.	sharptoothed
305447	They fly about 35,000 km in eight months.	CK
3060804	The road is straight for three kilometers.	sharptoothed
49479	The station is 2 kilometers from my house.	Nero
2897073	This river is two hundred kilometers long.	megamanenm
2751067	How many kilometers is it to the next town?	sharptoothed
681030	The school is five kilometers from my home.	Source_VOA
2464683	Follow the old river bed for two kilometers.	sharptoothed
27434	It is difficult to walk 60 kilometers a day.	CK
25996	It is more than 3 kilometers to the station.	NekoKanjya
1923276	Her house is a few kilometers away from here.	marcelostockle
1499298	My city is fifty kilometres from the capital.	CM
298420	He drove the car at eighty kilometers an hour.	CK
612542	That twenty-kilometer run really wiped me out.	darinmex
43404	The old man attempted to swim five kilometers.	CK
1222698	There is a gas station is one kilometer ahead.	CK
2712576	It's more than three kilometers to the station.	CK
802620	They carried the boats almost thirty kilometers.	Source_VOA
274480	A fast walker can walk six kilometers in an hour.	CK
2952533	I try to walk at least a few kilometers every day.	CK
1094071	Tom followed the stream for a couple of kilometers.	CK
1423572	We are forty kilometers away from the capital city.	CK
3060618	I can only walk about three kilometers at a stretch.	sharptoothed
58148	There is a bridge about one kilometer up this river.	Dejo
680720	The distance from my home to yours is two kilometers.	Source_VOA
73816	The Hikari runs at a speed of 200 kilometres an hour.	CM
703843	The island is situated five kilometers off the coast.	Eldad
2259657	They were doing eighty kilometers and they passed us.	_undertoad
2706259	How many kilometers per liter does the average car get?	CK