English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Justice" in Example Sentences
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2247444	I want justice.	CK	1
1951502	I can't do it justice.	CK	1
2218317	You're obstructing justice.	CK	1
2013959	I want Tom brought to justice.	CK	1
1094847	Tom did it out of a sense of justice.	CK	1
1869775	We want justice.	Spamster
1869777	We demand justice.	Spamster
1894258	Justice will prevail.	Spamster
681285	Justice is found in a courtroom.	Source_VOA
243905	Justice will prevail in the end.	CM
2154849	The photo doesn't do us justice.	oneconor
3001824	All I'm interested in is justice.	CK
271609	Justice and kindness are virtues.	Zifre
17510	Don't you have a sense of justice?	darinmex
307827	To do him justice, he is not stupid.	CM
2751029	My grandfather was a justice of the peace.	sharptoothed
289307	He is what is called a champion of justice.	CM
240500	To do him justice, he's done some good work.	CM
2163154	The chief justice will swear in the president.	Source_VOA
2751011	Tom will be brought to justice for his crimes.	sharptoothed
248038	We should try to treat everybody with justice.	Zifre
681283	Martin Luther King spent his life seeking justice.	Source_VOA
560319	The lawyer appealed to the jury's sense of justice.	darinmex
414156	Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.	Scott
744548	Justice will be served, whether here or in the hereafter.	darinmex
681284	Tom G. Roberts is the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.	Source_VOA
240499	To do him justice, we must admit that his intentions were good.	CM
240490	To do him justice, he did his best with his limited men and supplies.	CM
58317	This figure is supposed to represent Marilyn Monroe, but I don't think it does her justice.	CK