English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Jury" in Example Sentences
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2359884	I have jury duty.	CK	1
1027320	The grand jury indicted Tom for murder.	CK	1
953163	Could you describe to the jury what happened?	CK	1
1042553	Tom's lawyer didn't think that the jury would think that Mary was a reliable witness.	CK	1
282535	The jury is hung.	CM
2252252	I want her on my jury.	MrShoval
2247178	Has the jury reached a verdict?	CK
681274	Juries usually have 12 members.	Source_VOA
1501578	The jury has reached a verdict.	MrShoval
2540302	Has the jury reached a verdict yet?	CK
1501570	The jury has agreed upon a verdict.	MrShoval
681275	I serve on a jury about once a year.	Source_VOA
282534	The jury acquitted him of the crime.	CK
2251981	Why don't we explain it to the jury?	MrShoval
2163160	The jury found the man guilty of murder.	Source_VOA
282536	The jury has returned a verdict of guilty.	CM
1501599	The judge asked the jury to reach a verdict.	MrShoval
2059129	Somehow, he weaseled himself out of jury duty.	darinmex
807579	A grand jury found him not guilty of any crime.	Source_VOA
2247198	The judge told the jury not to discuss the case.	CK
560319	The lawyer appealed to the jury's sense of justice.	darinmex
2251951	Are we ready to proceed now with the jury selection?	MrShoval
681276	The members of the jury listened carefully to the attorney.	Source_VOA
1795650	The jury found that Samsung had infringed upon Apple's patents.	Spamster