English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Junk" in Example Sentences
Page 1

42765	It's junk. Throw it away.	CK	1
1164370	Tom never eats junk food.	CK	1
1094190	Tom eats too much junk food.	CK	1
2540967	I'm getting rid of all this junk.	CK	1
1025447	Tom has accumulated a lot of junk.	CK	1
1830450	Tom used to eat a lot of junk food.	CK	1
1830429	Tom never used to eat so much junk food.	CK	1
2291828	I always eat junk food when I'm depressed.	CK	1
3287433	There's nothing in here but a lot of useless junk.	CK	1
1884500	Tom has no idea what to do with all the junk in his garage.	CK	1
1892650	Tom has accumulated a lot of junk since he's moved into this house.	CK	1
953374	I can't believe that you really sold that junk for such a high price.	CK	1
953471	I hate myself for not having the will power to quit eating junk food.	CK	1
1853770	It's worthless junk.	Spamster
2263525	He's addicted to junk food.	Hybrid
2259221	Take this junk out of here.	_undertoad
3325756	Whose pile of junk is this?	CK
2955506	Tom almost never eats junk food.	CK
3329709	Can you get this junk out of here?	CK
3325762	Could you get rid of all this junk?	CK
2583266	I try not to eat too much junk food.	CK
2583267	I try to not eat too much junk food.	CK
2662837	Your problem is you eat too much junk food.	CK
1988217	Please get all of your junk out of this room.	CK
2956625	Tom doesn't allow his children to eat junk food.	CK
3325771	Have you ever considered getting rid of some of this junk?	CK
953979	Instead of eating real food, we just ate junk food all day.	CK
3158729	One of your neighbors complained about all the junk in your front yard.	CK
246357	The antiques my father left when he died turned out to be nothing but worthless junk.	CK
3075087	Even though Tom eats mostly junk food, he rarely gets sick and his BMI is in the normal range.	patgfisher