English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Juice" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245409	Drink this juice.	CK	1
53029	Some juice, please.	CK	1
2647000	Tom drank some juice.	CK	1
64785	I'd like orange juice.	CK	1
1660852	Tom is drinking juice.	Amastan	1
562328	I prefer milk to juice.	darinmex	1
2367	Do you want fruit juice?	CK	1
2291891	I asked for grape juice.	CK	1
1475901	I love elderberry juice.	niceguydave	1
2744939	I want some orange juice.	sharptoothed	1
537051	I'd like an orange juice.	CK	1
2014627	Don't you want any orange juice?	CK	1
2986076	Can you get the boys some more juice?	CK	1
2026342	Are you sure you don't want some juice?	CK	1
1026964	Tom bought three bottles of grape juice.	CK	1
2110	My mother bought two bottles of orange juice.	CK	1
410513	She tried to squeeze the juice from the orange.	CK	1
65662	The waitress set a glass of juice in front of me.	CK	1
1770443	Did you buy juice?	Amastan
1643242	Do you like juice?	Dark
536954	Orange juice, please.	blay_paul
1641764	We sell orange juice.	Amastan
2239680	Did they buy the juice?	AlanF_US
61020	This juice tastes sour.	CK
2659633	I love elderberry juice.	WestofEden
455795	I would like fruit juice.	lukaszpp
2849400	This steak is very juicy.	AlanF_US
3157857	Tom drank my apple juice.	CK
2280901	Children like fruit juice.	ichivivi20
680404	We need a bottle of juice.	Source_VOA
2686397	I love passion fruit juice.	Joseph
2643995	Tom drank his orange juice.	CK
436749	I like milk more than juice.	lukaszpp
2643646	Tom brought Mary some juice.	CK
2643620	Tom drank some orange juice.	CK
2784310	Do you have any orange juice?	sharptoothed
1499391	Do you want some fruit juice?	CM
2470566	I'm going to drink some juice.	MarlonX19
1641779	She made the juice by herself.	Amastan
681820	This apple juice is 100% pure.	Source_VOA
1741919	Don't let him drink this juice.	Amastan
1124664	The ice watered down the juice.	kedge
2032999	The turkey was tender and juicy.	Spamster
1717616	Have you ever drunk carrot juice?	Amastan
1886416	Would you like some orange juice?	CK
2540397	Tom drank a glass of orange juice.	CK
533831	After taking a bath, I drank juice.	tomkun01
2261254	The roast beef is juicy and tender.	Hybrid
2833972	Two glasses of apple juice, please.	Nero
436195	How much does the orange juice cost?	lukaszpp