English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Journey" in Example Sentences
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270595	Life is like a journey.	sacredceltic	1
293734	He set out on a lonely journey.	CK	1
300272	He made a journey around the world.	CK	1
325513	Are you ready to start your journey?	Zifre	1
1892317	What's important is not the goal, but the journey.	CK	1
1750162	Have a safe journey.	Spamster
2744951	It was a long journey.	sharptoothed
292439	He made a journey to Paris.	CK
3226482	It was a dangerous journey.	CK
1006747	The journey has just begun.	U2FS
1548197	We wish you a pleasant journey.	Spamster
321753	I made a long journey last year.	CK
270570	Life is often compared to a journey.	CM
2720855	All journeys begin with a first step.	inkedpolyglot
315287	She went on a journey a few days ago.	CM
3310131	We've reached the end of our journey.	CK
2327434	The explorers continued their journey.	Hybrid
23052	We set out on our journey full of hope.	NekoKanjya
997869	Every journey begins with a single step.	NickC
25620	The prince has set out on a long journey.	Nero
266508	The twelve-hour journey had tired me out.	CK
304700	He was busy getting ready for his journey.	CK
1202372	Gerard de Nerval wrote Journey to the East.	CK
280888	Two brothers set out on a journey together.	CM
22633	We had to walk the last leg of the journey.	CK
249489	We made use of the maps during our journey.	CM
1550197	Reading a book can be compared to a journey.	serach
29815	Our journey by camel was quite an experience.	CM
28107	Being a doctor helped me greatly during the journey.	NekoKanjya
541753	The last leg of our journey will be the most difficult.	darinmex
750937	A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.	Scuba
317421	She found the ring that she had lost during the journey.	CM
1490767	Happiness isn't the destination, happiness is the journey.	niceguydave
30568	You've got another four day's journey before you reach Moscow.	CK
2042887	Have you thought about what time of year you want to start your journey?	CK