English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Jewel" in Example Sentences
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1096137	Mary didn't wear any jewelry.	CK	1
1095342	Tom certainly spends a lot of money on jewelry.	CK	1
1029643	Tom asked Mary what she had bought at the jewelry store.	CK	1
2266976	I got rid of my jewels.	_undertoad
2744937	I have no jewels to sell.	sharptoothed
462754	The jewelry store is open.	lukaszpp
463130	These jewels are expensive.	lukaszpp
1712970	You bought a lot of jewels.	Amastan
681244	I don't own any real jewels.	Source_VOA
2744921	My watch has seventeen jewels.	sharptoothed
258111	I sold the best jewel that I had.	CK
316973	She proudly displayed her jewels.	CM
305853	They broke into the jewelry shop.	CK
464210	This store sells vintage jewelry.	lukaszpp
681676	I don't own any expensive jewelry.	Source_VOA
680578	The box contains some old jewelry.	Source_VOA
296036	He locked up his jewels in the safe.	CK
311411	She passed the jewel off as her own.	CM
2259573	They keep their jewelry in the safe.	_undertoad
2957054	Tom is an international jewel thief.	CK
2802902	She admits that she stole the jewels.	patgfisher
316974	She had to part with her jewelry box.	CK
278648	The thieves made off with the jewels.	CK
2744289	Tom has never given Mary any jewelry.	CK
303646	He was accused of stealing the jewels.	CK
44027	The jewel was stolen during the night.	CK
238242	The police recovered the stolen jewelry.	CK
303645	He is alleged to have stolen the jewelry.	CM
622320	She admitted to having stolen the jewels.	Guybrush88
316972	She was captured trying to steal jewelry.	CK
320986	The jewel was found in an unlikely place.	CK
3093773	Tom didn't want Mary to wear any jewelry.	CK
2761542	I want to report the loss of some jewelry.	sharptoothed
46587	The actress always wears expensive jewels.	CK
681842	Perfect diamonds are extremely rare jewels.	Source_VOA
681243	Mary keeps her jewels locked up in the bank.	Source_VOA
1211846	She put all her jewels into a little red box.	CK
584277	The royal jewels are kept under lock and key.	darinmex
305852	They believed the jewel would bring disaster.	CK
681245	On special occasions, some people wear jewels.	Source_VOA
1270784	Why did ancient Egyptians love jewels so much?	CM
2667412	They robbed the jewelry store during the night.	MethodGT
2957658	Tom picked up Mary's jewelry box and opened it.	CK
317307	She gave way to the temptation to buy the jewel.	Swift
279850	The stolen jewels must be recovered at any cost.	CM
2955853	Tom and Mary went to the jewelry store together.	CK
278618	A thief broke in and made off with all my jewelry.	CK
296387	He wears expensive clothes and owns a lot of jewelry.	CK
308220	While she was out, the thief got away with her jewels.	CM
324019	The stars twinkling in the night sky looked like jewels.	CM