English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Itch" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2769861	My eyes itch.	CK	1
1369203	My nose itches.	sacredceltic	1
318193	My nose is itchy.	CK	1
2245919	I itch everywhere.	CK	1
593273	My eyes are itchy.	CK	1
323693	My eyes feel itchy.	CK	1
280183	My scalp is very itchy.	CK	1
275269	My body itches all over.	CK	1
2308280	I couldn't stand the itching.	CK	1
1205635	My whole body itches.	nadsat
435595	My nickname is "Itch."	CK
2957143	Tom is itching to leave.	CK
436837	I need anti-itch ointment.	lukaszpp
2957141	Tom is itching for a fight.	CK
435588	I go by the nickname "Itch."	CK
313968	She had an itch to see her child.	CM
2957042	Tom is always itching for a fight.	CK
270910	I have athlete's foot and it's very itchy.	Zifre
718038	Scented soaps tended to make her skin itch.	papabear