English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Iron" in Example Sentences
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2853044	Tom ironed his pants.	CK	1
1025207	Tom ironed his shirt.	CK	1
316351	She ironed his shirts.	CK	1
2546994	Tom is ironing shirts.	CK	1
467339	Iron is a useful metal.	CK	1
1177610	Tom ironed his clothes.	CK	1
1141064	Tom unplugged the iron.	CK	1
53084	I have to iron my shirt.	CK	1
278744	Iron is harder than gold.	CK	1
1662625	Tom is ironing his shirt.	Amastan	1
18578	Gold is heavier than iron.	CK	1
323632	Wood floats, but iron sinks.	CK	1
240718	Strike while the iron is hot.	CM	1
71921	I burned my hand with an iron.	CK	1
1129494	This shirt needs to be ironed.	CK	1
254039	I ironed out the wrinkles in my pants.	CK	1
1092434	Tom was beaten to death with a tire iron.	CK	1
1040614	Tom has a cast iron stomach. He can eat just about anything.	CK	1
1096062	There is a sewing machine and an ironing board in the room where Tom used to sleep.	CK	1
278746	Iron is hard.	Zifre
2738993	Is it made of iron?	sharptoothed
61375	Please fix the iron.	CM
2259777	We need an iron bar.	_undertoad
424863	She ironed her shirt.	FeuDRenais
1665580	I am ironing my dress.	Amastan
53085	Please iron the shirt.	CK
264384	A magnet attracts iron.	CM
2258230	Give me that iron ball.	_undertoad
278751	Iron transmits heat well.	CK
785393	My sister irons my pants.	Nero
252650	I ironed my handkerchiefs.	CK
1065051	I ironed the handkerchief.	CK
681236	Our fence is made of iron.	Source_VOA
316863	She was ironing her dress.	CK
60046	This vase is made of iron.	Nero
2630283	Tom is ironing his shirts.	meerkat
2593961	Tom is ironing his shirts.	WestofEden
742802	Gold weighs more than iron.	rpglover64
802189	They knew how to make iron.	Source_VOA
3333917	Did you iron all the shirts?	CK
454066	Iron is a very useful metal.	saasmath
59651	This bridge is made of iron.	Nero
700134	I'm ironing my handkerchiefs.	sysko
1578566	Iron is used in shipbuilding.	CM
663999	Iron is more useful than gold.	bluepie88
3170681	The branding iron was red hot.	CK
278748	Iron is a metal with many uses.	CK
681234	Iron is used in building ships.	Source_VOA
18579	Gold is more precious than iron.	Eldad
2738977	Do you have an iron I can borrow?	sharptoothed