English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Invitation" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2358999	I have an invitation.	CK	1
2645703	Was that an invitation?	CK	1
258705	I received an invitation.	CK	1
261283	I accepted her invitation.	CK	1
260678	I accepted his invitation.	CK	1
314353	She refused my invitation.	CK	1
249216	We accepted his invitation.	CK	1
314090	She accepted our invitation.	CK	1
311304	She declined the invitation.	CK	1
268110	Thank you for your invitation.	CK	1
1030013	Tom accepted Mary's invitation.	CK	1
1029361	Tom declined Mary's invitation.	CK	1
2641751	Have you received Tom's invitation?	CK	1
1029344	Tom didn't accept Mary's invitation.	CK	1
31992	Mary declined an invitation to the concert.	CK	1
1029359	Tom declined the invitation to Mary's party.	CK	1
258704	I addressed the envelope containing the invitation.	CK	1
1030010	Tom accepted the invitation to attend Mary's party.	CK	1
1030014	Tom accepted Mary's invitation to have dinner with her.	CK	1
1029297	Tom didn't know the reason why Mary wouldn't accept his invitation.	CK	1
462522	Thanks for the invitation.	lukaszpp
1933617	I appreciate the invitation.	CK
2543401	Tom declined the invitation.	CK
2643522	Tom sent Mary an invitation.	CK
288779	He declined their invitation.	CK
306140	They declined our invitation.	CK
1623174	Did you accept his invitation?	fanty
2739001	Thank you for your invitation.	sharptoothed
316411	She turned down his invitation.	CK
2642744	Thanks for the invitation, Tom.	CK
1880364	I can't send you the invitation.	Guybrush88
508286	I'm grateful for the invitation.	FeuDRenais
1789291	May I see your invitation please?	Spamster
726714	She didn't accept the invitation.	lucasjl
3030928	We're snowed under by invitations.	sharptoothed
2641752	Has Tom received an invitation yet?	CK
302562	He did not accept their invitation.	CK
20667	I am glad to accept your invitation.	CK
260768	I declined his invitation to dinner.	CK
271976	Seiko accepted his dinner invitation.	CK
30523	She naturally accepted the invitation.	CM
507768	We sent out the invitations yesterday.	FeuDRenais
2718639	You should've declined the invitation.	CK
460425	Jessie accepted the invitation at once.	CK
263088	We ran off 50 copies of the invitation.	CK
497997	No one could turn down their invitation.	FeuDRenais
64370	Thank you very much for your invitation.	CK
1739227	Thanks for your invitation to the party.	belgavox
681076	The invitation said, "No gifts, please."	Source_VOA
2640799	Have you received an invitation from Tom?	CK