English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Intrude" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2244893	Am I intruding?	CK	1
2276259	I don't want to intrude.	CK	1
2275890	I didn't mean to intrude.	CK	1
2012104	I didn't want to intrude.	CK	1
2360862	I hope I'm not intruding.	CK	1
2281757	We didn't mean to intrude.	CK	1
2012705	I wouldn't want to intrude.	CK	1
2326220	I felt like I was intruding.	CK	1
302793	He intruded on her privacy.	CM
489623	Don't intrude on her sorrow.	CM
309040	Don't intrude on her privacy.	CM
34487	Bill was killed by an intruder.	CK
3058144	The intruder lunged at Tom with a knife.	patgfisher
239117	The dogs barked furiously at the intruder.	CK
321185	I don't want to intrude on them if they're busy.	CK
257924	I do not like anyone to intrude when I am working.	CM
20190	Reporters do not hesitate to intrude into people's privacy.	xtofu80