English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Insurance" in Example Sentences
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2245889	I have insurance.	CK	1
2360146	I have no insurance.	CK	1
2647203	Do we have insurance?	CK	1
258997	I have life insurance.	CK	1
2271861	I don't have insurance.	CK	1
2273799	We don't have insurance.	CK	1
2951667	Do you have life insurance?	CK	1
2059857	I lost my health insurance.	CK	1
2643999	Tom doesn't have insurance.	CK	1
27892	Do you have medical insurance?	CK	1
1860383	Don't worry. I have insurance.	CK	1
2276059	I don't have travel insurance.	CK	1
1414977	Tom doesn't have flood insurance.	Spamster	1
1553872	Tom doesn't have health insurance.	Spamster	1
2285814	Actually, Tom doesn't have insurance.	CK	1
303601	He took a job with an insurance company.	CK	1
320470	How much is it including insurance and tax?	CK	1
1553877	Tom is no longer covered by his parents' health insurance.	Spamster	1
2059902	How many people do you know that don't have health insurance?	CK	1
1029779	Tom and Mary were plotting to kill Tom's father for the life insurance.	CK	1
1095701	Tom called the insurance company to report that his car had been stolen.	CK	1
49056	The company provides health care and life insurance benefits for all of its employees.	CK	1
2846755	Does Tom have insurance?	CK
2360972	I hope you have insurance.	CK
2495085	Are you covered by insurance?	sharptoothed
1654183	Do you have health insurance?	Spamster
2846757	Does Tom have fire insurance?	CK
2957053	Tom is an insurance salesman.	CK
27890	Can I use my medical insurance?	CK
2846754	Does Tom have health insurance?	CK
2258481	He took out accident insurance.	_undertoad
250487	My house is covered by insurance.	CK
57174	This insurance covers everything.	CK
27891	I'd like to get medical insurance.	CK
3183627	Tom works for an insurance company.	CK
2649716	How much fire insurance do you have?	sharptoothed
2253068	How much fire insurance do you have?	_undertoad
681817	I need to purchase health insurance.	Source_VOA
45578	The damage was covered by insurance.	CK
61974	The insurance covers everything here.	CK
2258615	He's an agent for a big insurance company.	_undertoad
2958134	Tom should have purchased flood insurance.	CK
320471	What's the name of your insurance company?	CK
303602	He is an executive in an insurance company.	CK
395438	I forgot to bring my health insurance card.	CK
3183606	Tom is an executive in an insurance company.	CK
320477	Let me see your health insurance certificate.	CK
2731550	How much insurance do you carry on your house?	sharptoothed
285392	The insurance on his violin costs $200 a year.	CK
817192	Do you have a private medical insurance policy?	hrin