English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Instruction" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2246034	I obey instructions.	CK	1
2241417	We need instructions.	CK	1
2243270	They need instructions.	CK	1
2326547	I followed your instructions.	CK	1
2485331	I'll follow your instructions.	CK	1
2307963	I carried out Tom's instructions.	CK	1
2329359	I gave Tom explicit instructions.	CK	1
1094072	Tom followed Mary's instructions.	CK	1
2275953	I don't always follow instructions.	CK	1
2539798	I'll now give you your instructions.	CK	1
3241713	If you listen carefully to my instructions, it'll save you some time.	CK	1
1693398	Follow all instructions.	alexmarcelo
1693395	Read these instructions.	alexmarcelo
2644120	Here are your instructions.	CK
2643701	These are your instructions.	CK
2959223	Please read the instructions.	sharptoothed
3356216	Did you read the instructions?	CK
2642934	Tom followed the instructions.	CK
2924827	Read the instructions carefully.	Hybrid
2362172	I just followed your instructions.	CK
3153883	Did Tom give any other instructions?	CK
3128053	I tried to follow your instructions.	sharptoothed
16101	You must learn to obey instructions.	Swift
2539004	I told Tom to wait for my instructions.	CK
2953260	Please read the instructions carefully.	CK
1225930	Please read the instructions in detail.	Brian255
2269002	To use this, follow these instructions.	_undertoad
3153880	Did Tom give you any other instructions?	CK
2258736	I did it according to your instructions.	_undertoad
3072312	If all else fails, read the instructions.	patgfisher
2259755	We did it according to your instructions.	_undertoad
516232	You only have to follow the instructions.	Swift
70625	I'll do it according to your instructions.	CK
2649612	Be sure to follow these instructions exactly.	sharptoothed
2731552	The instructions are attached to the machine.	sharptoothed
1522397	Read the instructions carefully before you begin.	erikspen
1693570	Observe all warnings, precautions and instructions.	alexmarcelo
396240	I wish I had followed his instructions at that time.	CM
1989208	Did you get my email yesterday with the instructions?	FlamingTofu
252750	I gave you explicit instructions not to touch anything.	CK
249068	We received instructions on how to make a bamboo basket.	CM
3132839	That's what happens when you don't read the instructions.	CK
1913266	If I'd only taken the time to read the instruction manual!	CM
246259	You can't go wrong if you read the instructions carefully.	Nero
2592698	Even though I followed the instructions, it didn't go well.	WestofEden
249298	We have finished the work in accordance with her instructions.	CM
662188	I have attached instructions on how to use FTP to access our files.	CK
1202206	Refer to the instruction manual if you need to fix the refrigerator.	CK
457147	You can download the instruction manual for the heat exchanger here.	FeuDRenais
71408	The problem has arisen simply because you didn't follow my instructions.	CM