English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Ink" in Example Sentences
Page 1

65764	Don't write in ink.	CK	1
272290	Don't write in red ink.	adjusting	1
644340	Do I have to write in ink?	CK	1
65759	The ink stain will not wash out.	CM	1
515667	There were some ink stains on the cover of that book.	CK	1
63591	She wrote in ink.	CK
65761	Must I write in ink?	CM
1898302	My pen is out of ink.	CK
2898087	This ink is the best.	AlanF_US
2898088	This is the best ink.	AlanF_US
3123995	My printer is low on ink.	Hybrid
1898303	My pen has run out of ink.	CK
310523	She spilt ink on the desk.	CM
19752	Blotting paper absorbs ink.	CK
1488085	The pen has run out of ink.	arnxy20
685837	Try not to splatter the ink.	Zifre
253188	I got an ink blot on this form.	CK
59057	This paper does not absorb ink.	CK
65750	Just bring me the ink, will you?	CK
27159	Printing ink is in short supply.	NekoKanjya
70167	You must write your name in ink.	CK
61322	This ink stain will not wash out.	CK
1362056	There were ink blots on the paper.	CK
280055	The answers must be written in ink.	CK
33635	My ballpoint pen just ran out of ink.	CK
59711	This blotting paper absorbs ink well.	CK
310522	She was asked to write her name in ink.	CK
816346	The sale prices are written in red ink.	CK
3030988	I need some paper, pencils, ink and so on.	sharptoothed
61321	I don't think these ink stains will come off.	CK
267968	The boy spilled the ink, but he didn't mean to.	ingenius000
280530	I notice the sale prices are written in red ink.	CK
744538	I don't care what color ink, just bring me a pen.	darinmex
259913	I noticed the sale prices were written in red ink.	CK
481732	Please replace the empty ink cartridge in the printer.	Benjameno
34128	Please replace the empty ink jet cartridge in the printer.	CM
322032	India ink produces an interesting pattern when used as a dye.	CK