English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Incident" in Example Sentences
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1318704	I'll explain the incident.	CK	1
1224685	I'll never forget this incident.	CK	1
1028304	Tom mentioned the incident to Mary.	CK	1
254362	I had nothing to do with that incident.	CK	1
1369530	Eventually, he forgot about the incident.	CK	1
953485	I haven't been back here since the incident.	CK	1
1028143	Tom regrets having told Mary about the incident.	CK	1
47240	I'm not at liberty to tell you about the incident.	CK	1
1027643	At the time of the incident, Tom was in his office.	CK	1
1096017	Tom and Mary agreed never to talk about the incident.	CK	1
953484	I haven't been back here since that unfortunate incident.	CK	1
1094973	Tom decided that he wouldn't tell Mary anything about the incident.	CK	1
1042401	The police were hoping that Tom could shed some light on the incident.	CK	1
46680	The incident upset him.	CM
806853	It was a small incident.	Source_VOA
254413	I looked into the incident.	CM
1860566	Tell me about the incident.	CK
400142	That incident made him famous.	CK
41343	Such incidents are quite common.	CK
18398	The 1990's saw various incidents.	Zifre
305622	They reported seeing the incident.	CK
2939034	Can we put this incident behind us?	Hybrid
683958	He described the incident in detail.	papabear
1224683	I'll remember this incident forever.	CK
47220	The incident took place at midnight.	CM
290900	He mentioned the incident to his wife.	CK
47233	I do remember the incident quite well.	CK
2662352	I hope the incident will go unnoticed.	sharptoothed
46675	The incident was etched in his memory.	CM
1047301	A single incident can change your life.	Parmeet
73267	The 1990s began with the Gulf incident.	CK
302163	He never referred to the incident again.	CK
2360852	I hold you responsible for this incident.	CK
954204	Nobody wanted to talk about the incident.	CK
3204097	Tell me what you know about the incident.	CK
238178	The police are looking into the incident.	CK
46677	When and how did the incident come about?	CM
2199760	After that incident, he never drank again.	Hybrid
1518383	The police informed us about the incident.	ABChessel
24265	There was an unfortunate incident at home.	NekoKanjya
23241	We mustn't make too much of this incident.	Swift
290901	He made an accurate report of the incident.	CK
58982	We must not make too much of this incident.	CM
3043608	Have you spoken about the incident with Tom?	CK
534665	Why do you consider that incident important?	blay_paul
3067511	I don't remember anything about the incident.	CK
1398628	That incident happened right in front of him.	CK
47238	There was something weird about the incident.	jakov
285622	A strange incident happened during his speech.	CK
902922	Her account of the incident agrees with yours.	CK