English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Imagination" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2253846	Use your imagination.	CK	1
273982	I used my imagination.	CK	1
2358652	I have a bad imagination.	CK	1
2358780	I have a poor imagination.	CK	1
20384	It's just your imagination.	CK	1
1093714	Tom has a vivid imagination.	CK	1
54392	I leave it to your imagination.	CK	1
267383	Don't let your imagination run wild.	CK	1
2361962	I've got a pretty vivid imagination.	CK	1
54393	I'll leave it up to your imagination.	CK	1
2025936	Tom wants Mary to use her imagination.	CK	1
249003	We are encouraged to use our imagination.	CK	1
1601	Imagination affects every aspect of our lives.	CK	1
2158515	You lack imagination.	Hybrid
300819	He has a rich imagination.	CM
1663937	He has a vivid imagination.	Spamster
1663935	I have a vivid imagination.	Spamster
2835966	It was just my imagination.	Hybrid
599209	It's only your imagination.	Dejo
42489	It is just your imagination.	CK
2891504	It was all your imagination.	CK
1911865	He has a fertile imagination.	Spamster
2835967	It was just your imagination.	Hybrid
1930968	It's all in your imagination.	al_ex_an_der
2954110	Was that just my imagination?	CK
1837966	You have a great imagination.	CK
1690037	Let your imagination run wild.	mookeee
1911864	You have a fertile imagination.	Spamster
1032566	You've got a vivid imagination!	CM
300433	He has a very vivid imagination.	CK
1877067	You have an overactive imagination.	Spamster
1734157	I'll leave this to your imagination.	Grim_fandango
1930975	Tom says it's all in our imagination.	al_ex_an_der
2845888	That may have just been my imagination.	Hybrid
57111	This book will awaken your imagination.	CM
2007249	Let's not let our imaginations run wild.	CK
1689495	They say you should use your imagination.	mookeee
246209	Your imagination is running away with you.	CM
1230700	Imagination affects every part of our lives.	alec
2985707	Don't let your imagination run away with you.	sharptoothed
871175	Knowing is nothing, imagination is everything.	Scott
667929	Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.	CK
2571473	That doesn't exist except in your imagination.	sharptoothed
667954	Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.	CK
347794	A man touched down on the moon. A wall came down in Berlin. A world was connected by our own science and imagination.	CM