English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Image" in Example Sentences
Page 1

953393	I can't figure out how to upload an image.	CK	1
1669933	Can we enhance the image?	Spamster
49495	The image is not in focus.	CM
26432	The image is out of focus.	CK
3329814	Can't you enhance the image?	CK
65871	I'd like to change my image.	CK
319410	He is the image of his father.	CK
3123734	We were created in God's image.	Hybrid
792736	All he cares about is his image.	FeuDRenais
269655	God created man in his own image.	CK
2304530	An image is worth a thousand words.	Hybrid
1130027	She explained her ideas with images.	jdonnarumma
1400044	Click the image to hear animal's sound.	croogie
303472	He carved a Buddhist image out of wood.	CM
965829	He is the spitting image of his father.	alexmarcelo
49107	The company is trying to improve its image.	CM
906786	What's your favorite image editing software?	CK
644598	The following images are not for the faint of heart.	darinmex
1109760	His squeaky-clean image will probably get him elected.	darinmex
21411	I asked the student what image he had of black people.	NekoKanjya
60026	What image did you have in mind as you painted this picture?	CM
60972	This scandal has severely damaged the public image of our company.	CK
279971	If you want to get elected, you're going to have to improve your public image.	CK
2956290	Tom clicked on the thumbnail so he could see a larger version of the same image.	CK
22598	Please advise us, if possible, of a company which has developed image processing software.	Dejo