English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Illness" in Example Sentences
Page 1

297977	He cured my illness.	CK	1
303133	He was absent because of illness.	CK	1
1199357	Have you ever had a serious illness?	CK	1
261304	I'm very concerned about her illness.	CK	1
23634	Have you ever had any serious illness?	NekoKanjya	1
318413	Illness prevented me from taking a trip.	Nero	1
318435	Illness prevented her from taking a trip.	CK	1
2935127	The cause of Tom's illness was overeating.	CK	1
318440	Illness prevented me from coming to school.	CM	1
37027	Tom had no appetite because of his illness.	CM	1
261467	I was absent from school because of illness.	CK	1
303143	He was absent from school because of illness.	CM	1
318430	Illness prevented him from attending the meeting.	CK	1
70413	If I had known about your illness, I could have visited you in the hospital.	CK	1
435200	What illness do I have?	CK
287387	His illness may be cancer.	CK
302831	He referred to your illness.	CM
1592683	He talked about her illness.	RoiOfTheSuisse
261453	I recovered from my illness.	CM
1047706	He died after a long illness.	Parmeet
1506137	It's an embarrassing illness.	marco87
301424	He died after a brief illness.	CK
2956612	Tom died after a long illness.	CK
283535	His absence was due to illness.	CM
434880	He feels weak after his illness.	lukaszpp
303118	He is absent because of illness.	CM
3022578	I just got over a severe illness.	sharptoothed
318426	Illness kept me from going there.	CM
3022512	Is Tom's illness serious, doctor?	sharptoothed
680380	A childhood illness left her blind.	Source_VOA
292925	He soon recovered from the illness.	Swift
1037192	She suffers from a chronic illness.	GPHemsley
681845	At what rate did the illness spread?	Source_VOA
318428	Illness prevented me from going out.	CM
682233	Medicine is a treatment for illness.	Source_VOA
315863	She recovered from her long illness.	CK
27927	The doctor cured him of his illness.	CK
318416	Illness forced him to give up school.	CM
318432	Illness made him give up his studies.	CM
316709	She was still weak after her illness.	CM
309681	Because of illness, she couldn't come.	CM
314778	She attributed her failure to illness.	CK
324221	The medicine cured him of his illness.	CK
299362	He is suffering from a serious illness.	CK
320941	Her mother is not aware of her illness.	CM
287386	His illness comes of drinking too much.	CM
318415	Illness prevented me from going abroad.	CM
303098	He went to work in spite of his illness.	CM
483812	He could not come because of his illness.	minshirui
2266227	He feigned illness to get out of working.	_undertoad