English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Illegal" in Example Sentences
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2146020	It's illegal.	Maralula	1
2111432	That's illegal.	CK	1
2233695	This is illegal.	CK	1
2248685	Isn't that illegal?	CK	1
2248716	Isn't this illegal?	CK	1
2243645	They're not illegal.	CK	1
2644683	What you did was illegal.	CK	1
3150669	It's illegal to buy cocaine.	CK	1
2281744	We didn't do anything illegal.	CK	1
1094820	Tom didn't do anything illegal.	CK	1
1951520	You can't do that. It's illegal.	CK	1
71785	It is illegal to park a car there.	CK	1
953238	Do you think that handguns should be made illegal?	CK	1
1095399	Tom certainly knew that what he was doing was illegal.	CK	1
1666217	There's no evidence that Tom has done anything illegal.	Spamster	1
1040676	Tom claimed that he didn't know his beach house was being used for illegal activities.	CK	1
2025430	It's not illegal.	Spamster
1777594	Gambling is illegal.	Spamster
1879135	I did nothing illegal.	Spamster
2900643	This should be illegal.	Hybrid
682224	Steel traps are illegal.	Source_VOA
3286821	Tom did nothing illegal.	CK
2292348	It's technically illegal.	Hybrid
2847929	What Tom did was illegal.	CK
1090343	What he's doing is illegal.	CK
293595	He committed an illegal act.	CM
2885791	Tom is an illegal immigrant.	AlanF_US
1903157	I didn't do anything illegal.	CK
2891957	That would be illegal, right?	CK
1295010	This is an illegal procedure.	CK
804308	Many of the votes were illegal.	Source_VOA
301568	He was fined for illegal parking.	CK
682369	It's illegal to waste water here.	Source_VOA
61753	It's illegal to park your car here.	CK
1961363	I thought it was illegal to park here.	CK
807417	President Grant had done nothing illegal.	Source_VOA
2144386	We have to crack down on illegal trading.	Dreamk33
1078193	Cockfighting is illegal in many countries.	Scott
1891035	I'm not asking you to do anything illegal.	CK
28127	I was fined 20 dollars for illegal parking.	CK
1199182	Illegal logging has decreased considerably.	CM
2187578	It's not just illegal, it's also dangerous.	Hybrid
681486	It is illegal to sell cigarettes to a minor.	Source_VOA
301567	They fined him 5,000 yen for illegal parking.	CK
3204642	I told Tom that what he was doing was illegal.	CK
1501763	In some countries capital punishment is illegal.	MrShoval
238255	The police began a crackdown on illegal parking.	CK
807671	The Supreme Court ruled that the law was illegal.	Source_VOA
22130	Everybody took a hostile attitude toward illegal aliens.	NekoKanjya
1390342	Oliver found out that his new girlfriend is an illegal alien.	Spamster