English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Ill" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2244608	Is Tom ill?	CK	1
2236724	Tom is ill.	CK	1
303157	He seems ill.	CK	1
292088	He's very ill.	CK	1
2549681	Tom looks ill.	CK	1
284135	He can't be ill.	CK	1
2273597	Tom is very ill.	CK	1
2293501	I became very ill.	CK	1
262173	I felt ill at ease.	CK	1
2273191	Tom is gravely ill.	CK	1
2273275	Tom is looking ill.	CK	1
66835	Ann seems to be ill.	CK	1
303212	He felt ill at ease.	CK	1
314936	She became very ill.	CK	1
295229	He suddenly fell ill.	CK	1
3171562	Tom felt ill at ease.	CK	1
2341004	Tom pretended to be ill.	Kaseijin	1
303159	He seemed to have been ill.	CM	1
2408338	I think Tom may be mentally ill.	CK	1
37063	Tom is ill at ease among strangers.	CK	1
308408	I've never heard her speak ill of others.	CK	1
283982	I've never heard him speak ill of others.	CK	1
34167	I was ill at ease because I didn't speak French.	CK	1
371409	He is ill.	saeb
729621	I felt ill.	Guybrush88
543030	She looked ill.	FeuDRenais
3171249	Tom looked ill.	CK
436591	I feel very ill.	lukaszpp
303106	I hear he is ill.	CM
1390234	Maybe he was ill.	Eldad
303112	He seems to be ill.	CM
315239	She is ill-natured.	CM
318397	He seemed to be ill.	CM
1762594	I hope he isn't ill.	Eldad
303115	I suspect he is ill.	CM
257804	I was ill yesterday.	CK
2145992	The girl looked ill.	Maralula
965615	Yesterday I was ill.	riccioberto
1553867	Are you mentally ill?	Spamster
295128	He began to feel ill.	CM
303096	He may have been ill.	Eldad
303093	I'm afraid he is ill.	CM
289245	When did he fall ill?	CM
303097	He must have been ill.	CK
885777	You are seriously ill.	corvard
284127	He can't have been ill.	CK
316690	I am afraid she is ill.	CM
308474	It's too bad she's ill.	CM
316689	She must be ill in bed.	CM
302994	He was very old and ill.	CK