English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Ignorant" in Example Sentences
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2301285	I can plead ignorance.	CK	1
1497643	Tom is an ignorant fool.	Spamster	1
2218462	You're totally ignorant.	CK	1
274822	Many economists are ignorant of that fact.	CK	1
887319	She often takes advantage of his ignorance.	CK	1
870570	I plead ignorance.	alexmarcelo
276998	Ignorance is bliss.	Zifre
260585	I was ignorant of his plan.	CM
301444	He pretended to be ignorant.	CK
290927	He was ignorant of the fact.	CK
294579	He made fun of our ignorance.	CK
315298	She is ignorant of the world.	CM
290241	He soon betrayed his ignorance.	CM
306338	They are ignorant of the rules.	CK
298847	He was ashamed of his ignorance.	CM
1442051	His ignorance causes her problems.	CM
305178	I am quite ignorant of their plan.	CM
287591	I was astonished by his ignorance.	CK
314387	She took advantage of my ignorance.	CK
297999	He seemed surprised by my ignorance.	CK
286561	His failure is due to his ignorance.	CK
321061	Ignorance of the law excuses no man.	CM
254137	I was entirely ignorant of the matter.	CM
298848	He ought to be ashamed of his ignorance.	CM
307315	He was laughed at for being so ignorant.	CK
16035	You should be ashamed of your ignorance.	CM
290103	He often takes advantage of her ignorance.	CK
298887	He was ignorant of the plot to assassinate him.	CK
282786	Crimes sometimes result from ignorance of the law.	CM
246920	He took advantage of my ignorance and deceived me.	CM
21643	The more we learn, the better we realize our ignorance.	Zifre
21644	The more you study, the more you discover your ignorance.	Zifre
270110	The more a man knows, the more he discovers his ignorance.	CM
294765	He was ignorant of the fact that the town had been destroyed.	CM
667886	All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.	CK
667944	To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.	CK
294262	He thinks he knows everything but, as a matter of face, he is very ignorant.	CM
267417	The dealer took advantage of her ignorance and bought the picture very cheap.	CK
274139	Some speculators take advantage of the ignorance and helplessness of old people.	CK
264831	Socrates said that recognising your own ignorance is the first step towards wisdom.	CK